Married At First Sight Chapter 2867

Married At First Sight Chapter 2867-Julian said, “Okay, I won’t rush you, nor will I force you. You think about it carefully. Even if you can’t accept my feelings now, I can wait. It’s because I haven’t done a good enough job to satisfy your heart. I will continue to work hard and do my best to make you like and satisfy you.”

Kiera smiled and said, “It’s not that you’re not good enough; it’s just that I treat you as a buddy and you treat me as your wife. For a while, I need time to digest it. After all, this is a major event in life and will concern me for the rest of my life. Happiness must be thought about clearly.

Julian, this is a matter between the two of us. Before I reply to you, don’t tell my parents. If they know that I didn’t accept you immediately, they are afraid they will scold me like a b!tch. There’s nothing you can do about it. On countless blind dates, men have turned me off.

My dad doesn’t care. I’m not old; I’m only in my twenties, but my mom is worried. She always feels that I was brought into martial arts by my dad, and I have developed a lot of martial arts. Although I am very good at self-protection, I still have some skills. I give others the wrong impression of being rude, so I don’t have a boyfriend.

That’s why my mom is most worried that I won’t be able to get married. My mom will hold my dad responsible for harming me as long as other people ignore me on a blind date. You are probably my mom’s last and most important hope.”

Julian nodded in agreement: “I won’t tell Uncle and Auntie until you think clearly about your reply.”

Kiera: “By the way, Julian, it wasn’t because of your hand that the man continued to ignore me after we met on a blind date, was it?”

Julian said, “No, our Bucham family’s network in Yonsburg is not very wide. I came here on a business trip, vigorously developed here, invested in the establishment of a subsidiary, and the network gradually expanded, so the matter of you being ignored by the man on a blind date, and my hands or feet were not touched.”

Besides, after he came to Yonsburg, she rarely went on blind dates.

None of the matchmakers in Yonsburg wanted to introduce her boyfriend to her.

Kiera thought that she had known him for a short time and believed that he was telling the truth at this moment.

Kiera said, “Well, it’s okay. You go downstairs first. I’ll sit down for a few minutes, calm down, and adjust my mood before going downstairs. My two brothers should be back soon. My dad went out to eat and won’t come back to eat.”

Julian responded gently: “Okay.”

He looked at Kiera deeply, then stood up, walked out of Kiera’s room, and closed the door for Kiera.

After that, he stood at the door of the room for a while before turning and going downstairs.

When he got to the stairs, he saw Mrs. Caron running downstairs. He guessed that Mrs. Caron should have been eavesdropping near the door of the room just now. Because he didn’t close the door, Mrs. Caron didn’t dare get too close for fear of being discovered.

Julian laughed but understood Mrs. Caron’s actions.

If it were his parents, they would probably stick to the door and eavesdrop.

In order not to embarrass Mrs. Caron, Julian paused for a few minutes and waited for Mrs. Caron to come downstairs and enter the kitchen before going downstairs.

At this time, Kendrick and Kenneth entered the house one after another.

“The snow is getting heavier and heavier, and it’s hard to drive. I walked back.”

After Kendrick entered the house, he began to take off his thick coat. The heating inside the house was like a world of ice and fire compared with the outside.

“Brother, you are back.” Julian came over and said, “Auntie has washed the vegetables and prepared the hot pot soup base, and she is waiting for you to come back to eat hot pot.”

Julian smiled, and when he saw Kenneth following Kendrick in, he smiled again. “Brother Kenneth, you’re back too; come in quickly; it’s too cold outside.”

Kendrick followed him into the house, and Julian closed the door.

“Dad hasn’t come back yet?” Kenneth asked. Like his elder brother, he took off his thick coat after entering the house.

Julian took the coat he took off from Kenneth and replied, “Uncle won’t be back for dinner tonight.”

“Oh, eh, Julian, you came back earlier than us tonight. Where is Kiera? Why don’t you see her? Doesn’t she usually come back with you?”

Kenneth didn’t know yet about Julian’s confession to Kiera.

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