Married At First Sight Chapter 2868

Married At First Sight Chapter 2868-Kendrick didn’t tell Kenneth that he happened to not be in the martial arts gym just now.

Before Julian could answer, Kiera’s voice came from the stairs.

“It’s time to eat.” Mrs. Caron shouted in the kitchen.

Everyone immediately went into the kitchen, scrambling, and brought out the ingredients that Mrs. Caron had prepared for the hot pot.

Except for the absence of Mr. Caron, everyone sat together and ate steaming hot pot.

Kendrick also brought his dad’s collection of famous wine and four small wine glasses and asked his Mrs. Caron, “Mom, we want to drink some tonight, okay?”

Mrs. Caron said, “If you don’t plan to go out tonight, you are allowed to have a small drink each, but no more.”

It would be difficult for him to report to work the next day if he overindulged in alcohol.

Kendrick said, “Okay, let’s have a small drink.”

It’s better to have a small drink than not to be able to take a sip.

“Kiera, you’re a girl; drink less.”

When Kendrick poured wine for Kiera, he only poured half a glass.

Kiera was very dissatisfied. She said, “It’s true that I’m a girl, but my drinking capacity is not necessarily worse than that of my eldest brother and my second brother. I can still maintain my sanity after a small drink.”

“If you bargain further, I’ll let you take a sip and give your cup to Julian.”

Kenneth, with the dignity of his eldest brother, controlled Kiera’s drinking mouth.

After pouring the wine, Kendrick leaned into Kiera’s ear and whispered, “Drink less and stay rational. When Julian is drunk, ask him if he is sincere with you. They all say that he speaks the truth after drinking. Well, he’s drunk, so if you ask him, he must be telling the truth.”

Kiera didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and he answered Kendrick in a low voice: “He has a good drinking capacity. He drank all Dad’s bottle of good wine, and he may not get drunk.”

Just drinking a small glass of wine and trying to knock Julian down was simply a dream.

“I believe what Julian said is true.” After Kiera finished speaking, she used serving chopsticks to pick up a chopstick of food for Julian. She smiled and said to Julian, “You should also drink less. After dinner, let’s go for a walk.”

Julian: “Okay.”

“It’s cold outside.” Mrs. Caron said. “Julian is from Wiltspoon; he won’t be able to bear it. I’ve been married for decades. Every winter, I try not to go out if I can. I can’t stand the cold winter in Yonsburg.”

In the first few years after she got married, when her children were still young, she took them back to her parents’ house to spend the winter.

Later, the child grew older and needed to go to kindergarten and elementary school. For the sake of the child’s studies, she couldn’t just go back to her parents’ home when she wanted to, so she had to bite the bullet. It was good to have heating in the house. No matter how much she wore when she went out, she felt so cold.

Julian smiled and said, “Auntie, I’m not afraid of the cold.”

Kendrick took over. “If Julian is cold, let Kiera hug him and feel Kiera’s fiery enthusiasm. This will ensure that Julian feels like summer in winter.”

“Brother.” Kiera shouted reluctantly.

Kendrick teased her, and her face was quietly stained with red clouds.

Kendrick laughed heartily. “You’re blushing like that. Don’t drink this small glass of wine. I’m afraid you’ll get drunk if you touch it.”

Kiera: “…”

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