Married At First Sight Chapter 2945

Married At First Sight Chapter 2945-Shiloh said, “Mom, I know who harmed me and dad. They were my three sisters-in-law. The eldest brother brought the bottle of wine to dad from his room. The eldest brother would not do this to us. It must be the eldest sister-in-law. mom…”

Matriarch Farrell got into the car.

Shiloh rushed over and couldn’t even touch the car door.

Before the driver was about to drive, Matriarch Farrell pressed down the car window and signaled the bodyguards to let go of Shiloh and let Shiloh go forward.

Shiloh was overjoyed, threw away the bodyguard, and hurried forward.

“Mom, do you believe me? Everything I say is true. Mom, you have been taking care of my dad in the hospital and haven’t had time to investigate yet. As long as you go back to check, you will definitely get to the bottom of it.”

Matriarch Farrell looked at her and said coldly, “I know that you and Holden were both plotting.”

Shiloh was even happier.

She knew that with the adoptive mother’s IQ, it was impossible not to guess.

Matriarch Farrell: “But, so what? Can nothing happen to you two?”

Shiloh’s expectations suddenly cooled down.

“mom.” Shiloh’s eyes turned red.

She was suffering more than anyone else. She lost her virginity to an old man.

Matriarch Farrell said, “You are not my daughter. You have neither the blood of the Farrell family nor the blood of the Janzen family. You are not the daughter of me and Holden.”

But my parents raised me, Shiloh said. Once, my parents regarded me as the apple of their eye, loved me, and pampered me.”

Matriarch Farrell sneered, “That’s because we were deceived by your own father. If you want to blame someone, blame your own father. You can’t blame me.”

“What is not my biological daughter is not my biological daughter. Marco is my biological son, and his wife is my eldest daughter-in-law. She has given birth to several grandchildren for me. Even if she plotted against you, so what? I can clearly distinguish between closeness and distance.”

After Matriarch Farrell finished speaking, she ignored Shiloh’s pale face and ordered the bodyguard: “Give her $2000 and send her away. Driver, drive!”

Matriarch Farrell was angry, but when choosing between the eldest son, eldest daughter-in-law, and Shiloh, she would definitely choose her biological son.

Shiloh, no matter how much Matriarch Farrell loved her, was not her biological child after all.

In the Farrell family, blood relations were actually very important.

That is to say, Shiloh thought that a blood relationship was not important and thought that because of her love for Shiloh, she was qualified to compete with Kathryn.

Haha, it’s quite a beautiful thought.

Matriarch Farrell drove away.

The bodyguard followed the instructions of Matriarch Farrell, gave Shiloh $2000, left Shiloh, got into the bodyguard car, and drove away.

Shiloh took the $2000 and looked at the cars going away, crying and laughing.

Matriarch Farrell really abandoned her!

Give it up completely!

She always held on to some extravagant hopes, thinking that as long as she explained clearly and Matriarch Farrell investigated clearly, she would forgive her.

It was wrong.

Matriarch Farrell knew everything, but she chose to give up on her.

Erika was not born to Matriarch Farrell, but she was Matriarch Farrell’s eldest daughter-in-law. She gave Matriarch Farrell several grandchildren, which was much more important than her daughter, who was not related by blood.

Shiloh suddenly squatted on the ground and cried loudly.

She’s done.

Did she really want to go back to her biological mother?

No, she didn’t want to go back.

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