Married At First Sight Chapter 2947

Married At First Sight Chapter 2947-Kathryn suddenly turned to look at Mr. Fraser, looking very gossipy, and asked Mr. Fraser in a low voice, “Mr. Fraser, do you have someone you like?”

Her mother made arrangements in advance for Mr. Fraser to be with her. Her mother told her that from the moment Mr. Fraser came to her, she could trust him her whole life, and Mr. Fraser would never betray her.

Even if she does not become the head of the Farrell family in the future, Mr. Fraser will follow her for the rest of his life and will not change again.

After testing Mr. Fraser several times overtly and covertly, Kathryn chose to believe Mr. Fraser.

Mr. Fraser was indeed specially trained to be an all-around assistant. He was really capable of everything.

Although the Farrell family was getting worse and worse, Kathryn believed that their ancestors had built a really strong training foundation. She didn’t know where the person in charge of the training base found such powerful children to return to the base, one by one. Trained to become an all-round assistant.

He was good at both civil and military skills, and his appearance was also quite good.

Although he couldn’t compare with the young masters of the York family, his appearance was also very good, and he could be regarded as a handsome boy.

It had been two years since Kathryn returned to the Farrell family, and she didn’t know where the Farrell family’s training base for training all-round assistants was.

She asked matriarch Farrell, who told her that there was no need to know where the training base was, as long as she knew that the person responsible for training the all-round assistant was absolutely loyal to the Farrell family and never interacted with people in the family in private.

Single-mindedness will only cultivate the best assistant for all generations of family heads.

She had read the family’s financial expense report and could not find any evidence of spending money on a training base.

But she knew that every year, the family would pay a large sum of money out, and that large amount of money would go unmarked, but no questions were ever raised.

Kathryn guessed that the large amount of money was paid to the training base to cultivate talents.

She heard that the training base could also be self-sufficient, but the family had to pay a large sum of money every year.

That is to tell people at the base that the family still exists. If one day the base can no longer receive this money, they will know that the Farrell family has a big problem and the economy cannot turn over, and they will in turn give the Farrell family money to make a comeback.

This is equivalent to a large amount of money, which is not only used for the training base but also as a deposit for the Farrell family. If something big happens to the Farrell family one day, there will be a flow of funds to help the family survive the crisis and ensure that the Farrell family… It can be passed down from generation to generation in the family.

Kathryn couldn’t help but admire their Farrell family’s ancestors for their prowess.

It’s a pity that future generations are getting worse and worse. In her generation, if the Farrell family cannot be restored to glory, it is estimated that the Farrell family will fall out of the ranks of Jensburg’s wealthy families.

Kathryn didn’t grow up in the Farrell family. She didn’t have this sense of family mission, and Liberty probably wouldn’t have it either.

But no matter who she or Liberty is, once they take over the Farrell family, they will try their best to run it, manage it well, and lead the whole family to continue.

Mr. Fraser said, “Miss, we don’t allow emotions unless we become husband and wife with the head of the family.”

Because they know too many things, if they take a wife, they are worried that it will be detrimental to the head of the family. Therefore, if they want to get married, unless the head of the family falls in love with them and recruits them to come to their house, they can be both husbands and assistants.

Anyway, from the moment they come to the head of the family, they belong to the head of the family for their entire lives, and being the husband of the family head will not have any impact on them.

Kathryn’s beautiful eyes flickered, and she wanted to say something, but she swallowed it back.

The rules set by the ancestors had their own reasons. Mr. Fraser and the others were mentally prepared when they chose to become all-around assistants.

It’s just that it’s a bit too cruel to let them remain in love forever. Sure enough, people who do big things are cruel.

Asking Kathryn to make family rules was something she would never think of and couldn’t do.

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