Married At First Sight Chapter 2948

Married At First Sight Chapter 2948-When Mr. Fraser saw that Kathryn was silent, he stopped talking as well.

Kathryn didn’t know what Mr. Fraser was thinking about Kathryn.

There was no need to know that unless Kathryn said that she fell in love with him, he could show some love and let Kathryn know that he loved her too.

The education Mr. Fraser received since childhood made him not know how to talk about love, and he only knew how to care for Kathryn silently.

If Kathryn recruited men in the future, he would sincerely wish them happiness, and he would be Kathryn’s most powerful and trustworthy assistant.

In the future, when Kathryn becomes a mother and has a young master, he can also help take care of the young master.

In this life, Mr. Fraser belonged to Kathryn. He couldn’t leave Kathryn until his life ended.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Kathryn guessed that the person coming was Marco. She did not open the door for her eldest brother and let him come in by himself.

The person who opened the door and walked in was indeed Marco.

He was holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a basket of fruits in the other. When he came in, he saw Kathryn and Mr. Fraser in the living room. He asked, “Kathryn, where is dad?”

Kathryn said calmly, “Dad is lying inside, maybe asleep.”

Marco nodded to Mr. Fraser and greeted him politely, then he entered the ward holding a bouquet and fruits.

Kathryn also followed in.

Holden was lying on the bed and scrolling through videos on his mobile phone. The volume was turned up quite loudly. He didn’t want to hear the conversation between Kathryn and Mr. Fraser, but he couldn’t hear it either.

They didn’t speak loudly. After all, Holden was an old man in his seventies and had some hearing problems. He couldn’t hear clearly what Kathryn and Mr. Fraser were saying, so he just went to the trouble of checking the video and turned the volume up as loud as possible by himself.

Seeing Marco come in, Holden turned down the volume and said to his son, “Marco, you are really here.”

Marco put down the fruit basket, came over with a bouquet, handed the bouquet to Holden, and said, “Mom asked me to come over to replace Kathryn and take care of you. I also asked my second brother to come over tomorrow. Mom said, Kathryn, a girl, is always inconvenient to take care of you.”

He had to come, even if he didn’t want to. As it was ordered by Matriarch Farrell.

He didn’t have enough courage to resist Matriarch Farrell.

Moreover, Holden had been hospitalized for such a long time. As sons, they had never fulfilled their filial piety in front of the hospital bed. Matriarch Farrell had been watching over him in the hospital.

If Shiloh’s incident hadn’t happened, Marco would have thought that his parents were loving each other.

But now Marco and his brothers knew that Matriarch Farrell had not asked them to come to the hospital because she did not want them to know how hurt their father was and did not allow them to inquire about what their parents said inside after closing the door that night.

What did the parents agree on?

Marco actually sympathized with Holden.

Matriarch Farrell was really too strong.

Holden said, “I’m about to be discharged from the hospital. What else do I ask you to do? If I don’t miss your work, just tell the butler and ask him to arrange for two people to come over.”

Marco said warmly, “Dad, you are in the hospital. It only makes sense and is natural for us to come take care of you as children.”

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