Married At First Sight Chapter 2950

Married At First Sight Chapter 2950-That night, Liberty and Hayden were both present. Even though the two of them didn’t go upstairs, Kevin went upstairs to see it. Kevin would definitely tell them about it when he saw it.

Holden: “Liberty is your aunt’s descendant. She came back just to regain her position as the head of the family. She will definitely tell the truth. What makes our Farrell family embarrassed is that we have lost a competitor.

Although Shiloh is not my biological daughter, she has grown up in our family since she was a child. Two years ago, we didn’t know that Shiloh was not our biological daughter. Where the relationship of more than 20 years is put, your mom may put her in position. Now that things are like this, Shiloh has no chance at all.”

Marco said, “Dad, do my brothers still have a chance? Since our cheating was discovered, mom has taken Kathryn more seriously. Now, with the help of Mr. Fraser, Kathryn has established a firm footing, and we are getting better and better in the company, and we are becoming more and more marginalized.

Kathryn is not good for us. She has never had me as her big brother in her heart. I admit, I don’t have her sister either. If we really make her the head of the family, it won’t be easy for us.”

Holden was silent and then said, “It would be better for her to be the head of the family than Liberty. Everyone claimed that your mom killed your aunt, and Liberty is your aunt’s descendant. Liberty came here not only to seize the throne but also to investigate the truth. She wants to avenge her grandmother.

Kathryn is your biological sister, after all. No matter how cruel she is, as long as you don’t make a big mistake, you will still be alive.”

Holden sighed again. “This is the family rule of the Farrell family. It is passed down from daughter to son. If you are reincarnated in your mom’s belly and become the young master of the Farrell family, it will be your fate.”

“How is Shiloh?” Holden asked Marco again.

“Mom expelled her from the Farrell family. Mom said that from now on, Shiloh will no longer be a member of our Farrell family. Shiloh can only take away a few sets of clothes, but nothing else. Mom said that everything she owned was given to her by the Farrell family. Since she is not the daughter of the Farrell family, she can no longer enjoy the benefits of the Farrell family.

I originally wanted to take Shiloh in, but who knew that Shiloh was photographed living in my private villa and sent the photo to my wife. Then my wife ran to drive Shiloh away and then brought out Mom to suppress us; I don’t dare to inquire about her whereabouts anymore.”

Marco added, “I guess the person who sent the photo is Liberty. Behind her are the York family, the Lewis family, and the Stone family. She is also close to the Queen family in Jensburg.”

The Queen family’s position in Jensburg was very important.

Holden said, “Isn’t Hayden a woman? Shiloh loves him so much that he turns out to be a woman. Is he really a woman?”

When Holden found out that Hayden was a woman, he felt sorry for Shiloh.

He knew how much Shiloh liked Hayden.

Especially after Shiloh’s identity was exposed, Shiloh wanted to catch Hayden and marry into the Queen family as the eldest mistress, so that she could stay in the upper-class society of Jensburg and become a truly wealthy lady.

Mrs. Queen was more attractive than the young master of the Farrell family.

“Yes, who knows if it is true or not? Now Hayden is still dressed as a man, and everyone’s name for her has not changed. They still call her Young Master Queen.”


Holden sighed and said, “Marco, please let someone quietly inquire about Shiloh’s whereabouts, give her a sum of money, and let her fly away, or go back to her biological mom instead of staying in Jensburg. Your mom will not let her go. And Kathryn will not let her have an easy time. Kathryn is the replica of your mom, cruel and ruthless.”

Marco nodded repeatedly.

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