Married At First Sight Chapter 2952

Married At First Sight Chapter 2952-Carrie smiled. “Yes, my relationship with my sister-in-law is excellent. Both my husband and my in-laws are preoccupied with business matters. Since I was the only one at home, I assumed responsibility for looking after my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law likes and kisses me, so she needs me to take her to kindergarten every day instead of a driver or nanny.”

Carrie found that she was getting better and better at making up stories.

Anyway, she only needed to show up here and meet Serenity by chance, and there was no need to actually pick up a child and leave.

Serenity said, “Children are like this. They will kiss whoever takes care of them. I’m also really close to my nephew. He won’t cry and seek out his mother if my sister is away on business or not at home.”

“Yes, so is my sister-in-law.” Carrie patiently discussed with Serenity the issue of raising children.

Serenity helped Liberty before getting married, took care of Sonny, and had experience raising children. Now she is pregnant again, and her maternal love is overflowing. She talks endlessly about the topic of children.

The two of them chatted quite happily.

They saw the teacher coming out, holding Sonny.

Carrie seized the opportunity and said to Serenity, “Hi, can we add each other on WhatsApp? In the future, if my brother-in-law needs any information, I can just buy it directly from your bookstore. I don’t have to run around to find information for him.”

Serenity did not agree but just said, “My bookstore is right there. It will not change its location. If your brother-in-law needs to buy any information, you can just go and buy it.”

Carrie felt unhappy when she saw that she didn’t agree to exchange WhatsApp contacts, but she endured her unhappiness and said with a smile, “That’s okay; then I’ll go and have a look if necessary. By the way, my husband’s surname is Labbe. I am a native of the city, but my husband’s family’s business is spread all over the country, and we have houses in all major cities across the country. My mother-in-law likes Wiltspoon, so she settled in Wiltspoon.”

Serenity and Jasmine were good friends, and Jasmine was Josh’s wife, and Josh was from the Bucham family. Whatever Zachary needed to investigate, he asked Josh to investigate.

Carrie was worried that Serenity would let the Bucham family investigate the Labbe family’s affairs, so she made up a lie, saying that the Labbe family only settled in Wiltspoon and were not from Wiltspoon. They were usually very low-key and rarely attended banquets and other activities. So many people didn’t know the Labbe family.

“Bookstore owner, who is your husband’s family?”

Carrie pretended not to know that Serenity was the eldest mistress of the York family.

Serenity replied, “York family. Mrs. Labbe, my nephew has come out; I’ll leave first.”

Carrie: “Goodbye, Mrs. York.”

“Auntie.” Sonny ran towards Serenity.

Serenity took a few steps forward, held his hand, and smiled: “Don’t run so fast; I won’t leave you; just walk out slowly. Say goodbye to the teacher.”

Sonny turned around and waved goodbye to the teacher, holding Serenity’s hand and jumping around while telling Serenity interesting things in the kindergarten.

When Serenity and Sonny passed by Carrie, Carrie smiled and waved to them.

Serenity also said goodbye to Carrie and took Sonny to her car.

“Auntie, who is that aunt?” Sonny asked curiously.

“Mrs. Labbe. She went to my bookstore to buy books. She has children in the same kindergarten as you.”

Sonny said, Oh. Then he asked, “Auntie, didn’t Uncle Lewis come to pick me up?”

“Your Uncle Lewis is not free in the afternoon. He has to meet with guests to discuss business, so I’m here to pick you up. What, you don’t like to see your aunt?”

Serenity deliberately teased Sonny, “Will you have Uncle Lewis so soon and not have Auntie?”

Sonny quickly denied, “No, it’s just that Uncle Lewis often comes to pick me up, and suddenly it’s you, so I would ask curiously.”

He liked Duncan more and more, but Duncan couldn’t surpass Serenity’s position in his heart.

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