Married At First Sight Chapter 2953

Married At First Sight Chapter 2953-“How about I take you to Uncle Lewis’s company, and you stay with Uncle Lewis in the company while I go to your aunt Stone’s house to see the baby?” Serenity teased Sonny.

Sonny immediately refused, “I want to follow you to see the baby.”

Soon, he asked again, “Auntie, when can the baby play with me? Every time I go to Mrs. Stone’s house to see him, he is always sleeping or crying. I can’t coax him when he cries. Why is he always crying?”

Serenity led him to the car, the bodyguard opened the door, and she hugged Sonny and got into the car.

After sitting down, she replied, “The baby is like this. He can’t speak yet. When he is hungry, has diarrhea, or is thirsty, he is unable to express himself verbally. He can only cry. When he cries, the adults will pay attention to him and determine why he is crying.

You were like that when you were a child. When you were as big as a baby, you were even more difficult to take care of than a baby.”

Serenity pinched Sonny’s little face and said, “Did you think you would be as big as you are now when you were born? You also grew up little by little.”

Sonny looked very curious. “Was it like that when I was a child? I don’t even remember. Auntie, why can’t I remember what happened when I was a child now?”

Serenity said, “Babies have very poor memories. After ten or eight years, you may have completely forgotten everything you have experienced now.”

She took Sonny’s small schoolbag, opened it, and looked through the books sent back today.

Sonny was only three and a half years old. In a small class, the teacher would teach them to read a book, but it was mainly for fun. A book would be sent back to the children every day for them to read, but they had not yet written.

Because Liberty had taught him how, Sonny was able to write numbers and recognize some characters.

Since he had to attend classes and practice martial arts at the martial arts school on weekends, Liberty wanted to arrange other interest classes for him when he was older.

Which of today’s children doesn’t know how to have some talent?

Liberty couldn’t let Sonny fall behind others.

Serenity said: “What I sent back today is “Happy Word Baby”. Sonny, can you know how to read it?”

Sonny nodded confidently, “I can, I can read it all.”

The other children were endorsing the words, but they didn’t actually recognize the words yet, but he recognized many words.

In order to prove that he could read, Sonny took the book from Serenity’s hand, opened the book, and started reading seriously.

After reading a page, he made a request to Serenity: “Auntie, please take a photo for me. Take the photo and send it to my mother, so that my mother will know that I am obedient and smart.”

Serenity smiled and said, “Okay.”

She took out her phone, clicked on the camera function, selected video, and said to Sonny, “That’s it. You start reading, and I will help you take a video and send it to your mother.”

Sonny studied seriously again.

The only sound in the car was his reading aloud, and the driver even turned off the music.

After recording, Sonny asked to watch it again. He felt that he was in good condition, so he asked Serenity to send it to his mother.

Liberty quickly made a video call.

“Sonny, mom is calling.” Serenity answered the video call, called her sister, and then gave the phone to Sonny.

Sonny held the mobile phone and called his mother happily. He talked a lot with her. As he was talking, he pursed his lips, turned his eyes red, and asked aggrievedly, “Mom, when will you come back? I miss you so much.”

Liberty said, “Mom won’t go back so soon, but your Uncle Lewis will come over on the weekend. He will bring you with him. Sonny, be obedient and don’t cry. You can see your mother in two days.”

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