Married At First Sight Chapter 2955

Married At First Sight Chapter 2955-“Auntie.” Serenity smiled and called Mrs. Stone.

Mrs. Stone nodded and asked, “You went to pick up Sonny today.”

“Brother Duncan is very busy in the afternoon. Anyway, I am half working and half resting now. If I have time, I will pick up Sonny.”

After saying that, Serenity reached out to hug Sonny and said, “You get down and go on your own, Sonny. I can’t hold you.”

Mrs. Stone said quickly, “It’s okay. I will bring Sonny in. Sonny is a little older now, but he’s still a kid and doesn’t weigh much. I’ll still be able to hold him for a long time.”

However, Sonny still obediently slipped from Mrs. Stone’s arms and fell to the ground. He raised his little face and said, “I don’t want to tire my aunt.”

Both Serenity and Liberty had said that Audrey was elderly and a member of that age group. Sonny should be considerate to Audrey and not let her hold him all the time.

Mrs. Stone touched Sonny’s head and said with a smile, “Sonny’s mouth is so cute.”

Sonny said, “Auntie, apart from this mouth, am I not lovable?”

Mrs. Stone smiled even brighter. “Yes, Sonny is lovable as a whole.”

Serenity also smiled and said, “Sometimes Sonny talks in an old-fashioned way, and sometimes he is very innocent and cute.”

Mrs. Stone held Sonny’s hand and called Serenity to go inside. As she walked, she said, “Our Sonny is a very smart child, but he is still a child. It is inevitable that he will be naughty. If he sits quietly all day, we still have to worry about what’s wrong with him.

Clive was not very gregarious when he was a child. Although he was polite, he didn’t talk much, his expression was serious, and his eyes were so cold that he didn’t look like a child. At that time, I told your uncle that this child, Zachary, will definitely be like a cold-hearted person when he grows up.”

Although the Stone and York families had previously been bitter rivals, they both lived in Wiltspoon and paid attention to one another. Before Grandma May or their parents took care of the York family’s children to attend business banquets, they had to be twenty years old and prepared to enter the business world.

It was like using the opportunity of the banquet to push them into the public eye.

That way, people in Wiltspoon’s business community would know the name and appearance of a certain young master of the York family. Before this, people outside basically knew nothing about the situation at Young Master York.

Since Clive and Zachary were about the same age, they went to the same school when they were young.

Mrs. Stone was a powerful person. She met Zachary before others and knew Zachary.

Serenity said, “He still has the same temperament now. He is gentler and talks more in front of us.”

Serenity still remembered that when Zachary first got married, he didn’t say many cold words and was very angry. He would always have a cold war with her.

She hadn’t fallen in love with him at that time. If he wanted to be in a cold war, he could do it. If she didn’t feel that she was wrong, she wouldn’t bow to him.

Mrs. Stone smiled and said, “Zachary is like a different person now.”

After entering the house, Mrs. Stone personally brought a lot of delicious snacks to Sonny and said to Sonny, “Eliza tasted these and thought they were delicious, so she bought them at home. She said, When you come over, I must take it out for you to try.”

Sonny was very considerate and tasted something immediately, and then said to Serenity, “Auntie, it’s really delicious.”

Mrs. Stone: “That’s right.”

Eliza was a foodie, and the friends she made were also foodies.

Sonny said, “Auntie, I’m going upstairs to see the baby.”

“The baby probably fell asleep again.” Mrs. Stone said that and took the two of them upstairs.

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