The Strongest War God – Chapter 737

Chapter 737: Braydon Neal Leading the Northern Army!

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Braydon Neal took the invitation and flipped through it.

Braydon took in the contents of the black invitation letter. However, he smiled like a spring breeze and did not react in any way. He quietly put the invitation letter away.

Sadie Dudley tilted her head and looked at Braydon with her clear eyes. She couldn’t help but laugh. “Braydon, what’s written on the invitation letter?”

Sadie finally asked.

Sadie saw through Braydon and Lilith Jean’s attempt to hide it from her.

Sadie’s smile was unique to Braydon. It was as if she was the most beautiful thing in the world, causing people to be absent-minded.

She said softly, “You were able to learn all sorts of abilities, but the only thing you couldn’t learn to do well was to lie. Let me see the invitation letter.”

“There’s nothing in here. There’s no need to look at it!”

Braydon smiled lightly.

Under the heavens, who dared to say that King Braydon could not lie?

In the past, Braydon had used the opportunity to fake his death on Mount Sheburg, causing the three foreign countries on the Ludwig defense line to suffer a great deal.

Banko was the most miserable of all. They thought that Braydon did not have much time left.

In the end, Braydon forcefully called for a meeting of the hundred generals and dispatched troops from all over the country. He even sent three legions from the north to the south. A total of 300,000 Northern Army elites swept through Ludwig and forcefully recovered the islands in Ludwig.

He had even massacred a million elites of Banko on Lume Island.

Hiroshi Takaeda was even beheaded by Braydon!

All the martial artists in the world knew that Hansworth’s King Braydon was close to being a demon and could not be easily provoked.

Every year, the world would select the most excellent young generals from various countries.

Without a doubt, Hansworth’s King Braydon had emerged as the champion several times.

No one dared to pressure Braydon.

There was no other reason.

In the entire world, who could stop the blade of the Northern Army cold swords?

Wherever the cold swords pointed, there was nothing but terror.

Braydon had used more than ten years to create an invincible legend for the Northern Army. Who wouldn’t be afraid of them?

Even though these bastards of Song would constantly complain, if Braydon mobilized the Northern Army to the Ludwig defense line, Song would send a secret envoy to ask for peace within an hour.

The Northern Army suppressed the eight countries outside the northern border, greatly reducing the pressure on the capital.

After having guarded the country for so many years, his name would definitely go down in history!

Sadie raised her arm and gently took the invitation letter with her slender fingers. She said angrily, “You’ve never been able to lie, yet you’re still trying to lie to me!”

“I’m not!”

How could Braydon admit it?

At most, he was hiding something. He was definitely not lying.

Moreover, Braydon was also feeling very helpless. He had been by Sadie’s side since he was young. Whatever thoughts he had in his heart, Sadie could tell at a glance.

This made Braydon feel helpless.

Sadie’s clear eyes looked at the invitation letter and frowned slightly. “Kinslee Mayer of the Mayer family invites you to Mount Woolas. The reward is the other nine medicinal pills!”

“I want to go!”

Braydon took out a thumb-sized jade bottle, poured out the pill, and gently placed it into Sadie’s mouth.

The pill melted in her mouth and Sadie’s beautiful face turned red.

Sadie was shy?

This was the first time Braydon had seen such a scene.

However, when the pill entered her mouth, the medicinal effects were incomparably strong.

The wounds on Sadie’s abdomen and waist showed signs of healing.

In the end, it was blocked by the power of the national fate contained in the wound!

Braydon’s left hand’s long index finger gently stroked Sadie’s flat stomach. He frowned slightly and said, “The power of the pill was blocked by the power of the nation’s fate!”

“No effect!”

Sadie’s cherry lips parted slightly.

She lied!

The medicinal power of the pill was already able to heal the wound. How could it be useless!

Perhaps Sadie didn’t want Braydon to go to Mount Woolas.

The reason was simple!

Braydon wanted more pills to heal Sadie.

Once Braydon has something to ask for, he would be held hostage by Kinslee Mayer.

One could imagine what would happen if Kinslee made Braydon do evil.

Braydon would definitely be in a difficult position. Should he do it or not?

Because of Sadie’s injury, Braydon sealed the Northern King Sword and shattered the Qilin Nation Protection Seal.

If Kinslee could save Sadie, Braydon would probably agree to all of Kinslee’s conditions.

Sadie did not want to see Braydon become the person he had hated since he was young.

At this moment.

Lilith wrinkled her nose and whispered, “The pill is clearly effective!”


Sadie glanced at Lilith and said softly.

Braydon sat in front of the bed and said gently, “As long as these pills can help you relieve your pain, it’s enough for me. Whether it’s effective or not, I’ll bring them back. If Kinslee Mayer doesn’t give them to me, I’ll slaughter them! “Because the Mayer family is playing with fire by threatening me with pills!

“They don’t know how important you are to me!

“For you, I can become a demon!

“I can even kill people and steal their treasures!

“In order to cure you, I will do whatever it takes. If I can’t cure you, I will bring chaos to the world and have all the martial artists in the hundred countries die with you!”

The Northern King had never spoken empty words.

Sadie chuckled. “Alright, I know you’re all grown up now, but you can’t do this.”

“You have had the final say in everything since we were young. But now, you’re a patient, so you have to listen to me!” Braydon spoke in a soft voice.

Sadie smiled sweetly. She was really beautiful.

Braydon turned around and said softly, “Lilith, contact Luther. Get me a special air force team from the No. 3 airport in the northern desert to escort us to Mount Woolas!”

“Young Master, Luther Carden and the others have been waiting for you at the foot of the mountain for a day!”

Lilith stuck out her tongue.

She took this opportunity to tell him about the situation.

Only Braydon could come up to Mount Bliz in the northern desert.

The rest were not allowed up here!

Thus, after Luther and the others heard about what happened on Mount Tanish, six of the ten commanders had been waiting at the foot of the mountain to meet Braydon.

Braydon’s heart softened at the thought of his brothers. He said gently, “Let Luther and the others come up the mountain!” “They might not come up!”

Lilith, who was at the side, also seemed very helpless.

Lilith knew the character of the ten commanders of the Northern Army.

Mount Bliz was the holy land of the northern desert.

Only the commanders could go up there.

This was an ironclad law!

Those who violated the ironclad law would be killed without mercy!

Therefore, Luther and the others would definitely not go up the mountain.

If they could go up the mountain, they would have gone up the mountain last night instead of waiting until now.

In a flash, Braydon arrived at the foot of the mountain.

Luther was sitting in a wheelchair, being pushed by Laird Xenos. They waited quietly at the foot of the mountain.

Northern Army Fifth Master Qadry Knight and Northern Army Sixth Master Landry Knight were also there.

They were known as the twins of the Northern Army.

One was righteous yet evil, doing things lawlessly.

The other was a refined and poised, only listening to the Northern King.

The twins looked the same, but their personalities were completely different!

Qadry took a step forward and cupped his fists.. “Big Brother!”

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