Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1272 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1272

Back when Liberty and Hank got married and their place was getting renovated, Hank had no time to monitor the progress. Liberty was the one who paid for everything but had no time to oversee the progress either since she was busy with work, so the task was left to Serenity who had time to help keep an eye on things.

She experienced firsthand what it was like renovating a new place and could naturally relate to how Remy felt. Still, she had a sense that the true reason Remy came so often was that he wanted to see Elisa.

Elisa was a rather sharp–witted person as well but this was an occasion where her perceptions failed her–she did not realize Remy had his eyes on her at all.

Perhaps she stopped caring so much about these things since she failed to win over Zachary.

Elisa drove to the main entrance of the villa and remarked, “Good point, he mentioned something about buying this villa for his sweetheart and went on about how they would spend their married life here.

“I don’t know who this sweetheart of his is supposed to be, but based on how attentive he has been regarding the renovation, I’d say he cares a lot about this person.”

Elisa suddenly grew envious.

Everyone she knew had found partners.

She was the only one who was all alone.

Where was her Prince Charming? The man who would love her unconditionally? Where in the world was he and when were they fated to meet?

“Since Remy is your neighbor now, don’t you visit him now and then? Did you manage to probe some information and find out who his sweetheart is?”

Serenity tried to dig information out of Elisa.

Meanwhile, the housemaids came out and opened the gate leading into the villa. The car drove past the entrance and Elisa mentioned candidly, “He hasn’t said anything. Seren, why don’t you ask your man and see if he knows something?”

“He’s not privy to other people’s affairs and unless Remy himself hands him an invitation to his wedding, I doubt they’re ever going to talk about this sweetheart of his.”

Elisa smiled, that did sound like Zachary.

Josh was the one who loved gossiping.

He was always privy to the latest happenings; he had a talent for it.

“Ms. Elisa, Mr. Clive had just got home and immediately began persuading the missus to go to the hospital to get an abortion. Mr. and Mrs. Stone are furious and their patience is running out.”

The housemaid promptly relayed the situation to Elisa after she stepped out of the car with the others.

When the maid noticed that the Hunt sisters were here as well, she made sure to greet them politely.

“My brother is unbelievable…”

Elisa quickly took Sonny into the house with Liberty and Serenity trailing behind her. Each of them was carrying bags of nutritional products they brought as gifts.

Meanwhile, Remy had someone inform him of what was happening inside the house.

When he was told that Elisa had returned home, he promptly instructed his bodyguards to keep an eye on the renovation while he carried some food and went to press the doorbell at the neighboring house.

The previous housemaid was just about to return to the house when she heard the doorbell ring again. She swiftly turned around and went to the entrance, immediately recognizing Remy standing outside. She opened the door for him and made a guess, “Mr. Johnson, are you here for the lady?”

“That’s right, I brought some snacks that she might like. She’s home, isn’t she?” he said as he motioned to the bag of food he was carrying.

“She just got home. Please, come in, Mr. Johnson. However, would you mind waiting a while. before going in to see her? There’s a little bit of a, let’s say, situation going on right now.”

Mr. Clive was insisting on taking the missus to the hospital to get an abortion. Remy was very understanding, “It’s okay, I can wait.“


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