Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1275 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1275

“Liberty, you’ve done this before. Do you have any advice on how to stop her vomiting?”

Now that he learned the risks of abortion, he relented from putting Alice through it.

Liberty answered, “I can’t stop her symptoms, but I suggest if things don’t get any better, you can go to the doctor for more advice. When I was pregnant with Sonny, I didn’t vomit that much.”

During her pregnancy, she had also heard tales of other mothers experiencing terrible and severe symptoms. She was glad that her pregnancy was a relatively easy and stable one.

In severe cases, some people did not stop vomiting until the child was born.

“We went to a doctor, but it’s not helping,” Clive said irritably.

“Then she just has to tough it out and things will get better eventually. All I can tell you is that you should stop telling her to get an abortion. That’s only going to make her feel stressed which doesn’t help. Ideally, you should keep her in a relaxed state through the pregnancy both mentally and physically.”

Alice rose and said, “Clive, if you ask me to have an abortion again, I will divorce you. I want the child and I will raise him myself if I have to.”

“My love.”

Clive quickly approached Alice and took her hand, “My love, you’re going to kill me if you’re seriously asking for a divorce. Alright, alright, I won’t ever bring up abortion again. Let’s work through this pregnancy together and once our baby is born, I’ll teach the baby a lesson for putting you through so much pain.”

“Don’t you dare hit our baby! If you do, I’m taking the baby with me and staying with my parents.”

“Okay, okay, no hitting. I promise to never hit the baby.”

Clive cared about his wife more than anything. Upon knowing the dangers of getting an abortion, he finally gave up on the option altogether. Furthermore, Sonny contributed with his mere presence. Clive was enamored with Sonny and realized just how much he liked children.

“Let’s just have one child, no more in the future.”

After seeing firsthand how difficult pregnancy was, he decided that one child was all they needed, and no need for a sibling for the child.

After seeing that Clive had let up at last and vowed to not talk about abortion anymore, Alice yielded as well, “Alright, one child is good enough. No more, no less.”

She thought that being pregnant was terrible as well.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that Clive had found an apt middle ground.

Mrs. Stone took Sonny back to the couch and sat down. She glared at Clive and warned, “I will kick your butt if I ever hear you talking about abortion again. Now that you know how difficult being a

mother is, you better learn to have more respect for your mother as well.”

“Okay, mom,” Clive and Elisa echoed the same response.

The Stones‘ children had always been nothing but loving and loyal toward their parents.

“Seren, Liberty, why don’t you two stay for dinner?” Mrs. Stone proposed after she peeked at the time. She then gently patted Sonny’s head, “Sonny, would you like to sleep over for a night so you can play with us?”

Mrs. Stone was completely captivated by Sonny.

Serenity smiled and stated, “Even if you don’t invite us to stay for dinner, we’re just going to stay here and eat regardless.”

“If Mom stays, I will stay too!”

Although Sonny was fond of his aunts, he preferred to be in his mother’s company.

The only other person he trusted besides his mother was his Aunt Ser. He could be friendly enough with the others such as Jasmine, Elisa, and Zachary, and did not mind spending time with them. However, past a certain threshold, he would begin crying for mom.

Mrs. Stone turned to Liberty, “Liberty, your diner is closed during the afternoon, right? Why don’t you and Sonny hang out here until dinnertime, and we will have the driver send you home after dinner?”

“Sure,” Liberty agreed without pause.


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