Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 438 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 438

Chapter 438

Josh said casually, “When do you want it?”

“The sooner the better, of course.”

“I’ll give it to you tomorrow. Is that too late?”

“That’s fine.”

Tomorrow was when Liberty and Hank would be talking about divorce. It would be advantageous for Liberty if she held evidence of Hank’s assets.

“You’re really going all out for your sister–in–law. I don’t see you working so hard for your own company.”

Zachary was silent for a moment and said, “Serenity is full of gratitude to me now.”

“Gratitude is not love. You have to do more for her to fall in love with you. However, if you can help solve her sister’s problem, she’ll feel that you’re an amazing person. She’ll grow more dependent on you, and her heart will be moved subconsciously.”

Josh did not have a girlfriend, but his analysis was clear and logical.

After the analysis, he asked Zachary, “Did you fall in love? Don’t try to make your wife fall in love with you without the intention of loving her back. That’s called playing with her feelings.”

Zachary paused before saying, “Tell me what kind of reaction proves that I’m in love. I get nervous and excited when I hold

her hand. Is that love? When I see her smile, I feel happy as well and want to kiss her. Is that love?”

“Woah, not bad, Zachary. You’ve already gotten to his point? I thought you only knew how to put on a long face, purse your lips, glare at others, and ignore them.”

Zachary wanted to hang up the phone.

Only Josh dared make fun of him to his face like this.

However, Zachary still depended on him for information.

“I told you long ago that you were showing concern for your flash marriage wife, but you stubbornly refused to admit it. When your wife had a meal with Shawn, you fumed for several days but refused to admit that you were jealous. To be honest, you’re really hard to deal with when you’re jealous.”

Zachary’s expression darkened. “I wasn’t jealous!”

“Not even an idiot would believe you now. I’ll call someone to check on the properties under Hank’s name first. I’ll also check if anyone in his family has a large amount of savings. I’ll discuss with you another day whether or not you were jealous.”

Josh did not forget to give a reminder. “Don’t forget to help me inform Ms. Sox that I’ll be waiting for her at Beans and Cream tomorrow at 10 o’clock in the morning. I’ll be holding a red rose in my hand.”

“Got it,” Zachary replied in amusement.

His friend was really looking forward to his blind date this time.

He also hoped that Josh and Jasmine would click. Jasmine was


Serenity’s best friend, so Zachary also thought of her as his friend. He naturally hoped that Jasmine could achieve

happiness as well.

After the call ended, Zachary wanted to call Serenity, but he remembered that she was asleep and could not bear to wake her up.

He thought about it and got up to go into the small study. He took a pen and paper to scribble something.

Then, he took the note and went to Serenity’s room.

Serenity thought that Grandma May would sleep with her and did not lock the door before going to bed, so Zachary entered her room easily.

He placed the note on the dresser and placed her cell phone on top of it. That way, she would see the note when she woke up and notify Jasmine as soon as possible.

After doing all that, he stood in front of the bed, staring at Serenity who was in slumberland for a while, before silently walking out.

Serenity slept soundly, but Zachary tossed and turned. He only spent one night in the same bed as her, but he could not sleep when she was not with him tonight.

‘Should I go to her room and carry her over to sleep with me?

‘No, I won’t be able to explain my behavior in the morning.

“Then, should I go sleep in her room instead? ‘I can sneak back into my room before she wakes up.


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