Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 444 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 444

Grandma May and Mrs. Lane arrived at Bright Boulevard and went straight to Liberty’s house. As soon as they got out of the elevator, they heard loud cries which were disturbing the neighbors. A crowd gathered in front of Liberty’s place to see what was going on.

“Hank Brown, you b*stard! Give me back my son! Your whole family is despicable! You treat Sonny like a toy and come over to play with him whenever you please. But when you make him cry, you just leave without a word.

“Sonny is two years and five months old, but have you guys, as his grandparents, ever bought him a piece of clothing? You didn’t even buy him a toy. Now you’re saying that you miss Sonny? Even if you miss Sonny, have I ever stopped you from seeing him?”

Liberty was held down by her in–laws to prevent her from beating up Hank. She struggled desperately as she cried and cursed like a mad woman.

Since she fought with her husband’s family before, she no longer cared how disheveled her hair was. Her voice was hoarse, and she was still desperately trying to break free from their restraint.


Chelsea slapped Liberty twice.

She scolded Liberty. “Sonny is my parents‘ grandson. Since you and my brother are getting a divorce, Sonny will naturally follow us. It’s our freedom to take Sonny because he’s part of

our family. If you cry again, I’ll cut out your tongue!”

Liberty went berserk after getting slapped twice by her sister in–law. She used all her strength to break free from their clasp.

Seeing that her parents could no longer hold Liberty back, Chelsea rushed over to help them.

Grandma May and Mrs. Lane squeezed through the crowd just in time to see this scene.

Grandma May’s blood pressure spiked, and she rushed in without a second thought. Mrs. Lane followed.

As Clive mentioned, Grandma May worked in an intelligence agency when she was young and was very influential. Although she did not do anything after retirement, she kept herself active and healthy, so she was stronger than the

average person.

Grandma May rushed in and kicked Chelsea, who was trying to knee Liberty in the chest. Chelsea fell to the ground. Soon after, Grandma May kicked Mr. and Mrs. Brown to the ground as well.

Mrs. Lane quickly stepped forward and helped Liberty up.

As soon as Liberty was free, she immediately rushed toward her sister–in–law like a lunatic.

Before Chelsea could get up, Liberty threw herself on top of her with her entire body weight.

“Ouch! My ribs are about to break!” Chelsea cried out in pain as she was crushed by Liberty.

The next moment, Liberty grabbed Chelsea’s hair with one hand to pull her head up and slapped her face with the other.

Liberty slapped Chelsea several times in one go.

The two women started wrestling each other.

Hank wanted to help his sister, but Grandma May said coldly, ” If you dare to touch Liberty again, I’ll pass out on the ground right here!”

Hank was speechless.

Grandma May was old and had plenty of children and grandchildren. If she passed out in their house and blamed it on them, they would not be able to deny it. She might even ask them to compensate her a sizable sum.

“Grandma May, this is our family matters.”

Hank looked at his sister and his wife who were fighting and said with a glum face, “I hope that you’ll mind your own business.”

Their neighbors were watching the drama, but no one intervened.

Grandma May said coldly, “Liberty is my granddaughter–in law’s sister, so she’s my in–law. Now that my in–law is being bullied, how is it not my business? Do you think Liberty doesn’t have any family? The entire York family stands with Liberty! We’re her family!”

She turned to Liberty and said, “Liberty, just treat them how they treated you. I’ll stand with you as long as you don’t kill anyone!”


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