Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 445 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 445

Mr. and Mrs. Brown could not help their daughter because Grandma May would kick them when they tried to help.

The Browns were stunned that an old lady who was almost eighty years old was still so strong and vicious.

Under Grandma May’s protection, Liberty and Chelsea had a fierce fight.

Chelsea was usually just sharp–tongued. When it came to fighting, she could not compare to Liberty. Liberty’s weight was an advantage in a fight. As soon as she sat on Chelsea, Chelsea could not get up.

Liberty finally stopped slapping Chelsea, who looked like a broken rag doll.

“Hank, why are you still with such a sl*t?! Divorce her immediately! Kick her out of your house! This is your house, so make her leave!”

Chelsea had never suffered such grievance and humiliation. She was beaten violently by Liberty while many onlookers watched. At this moment, her hair was disheveled, and her face was swollen. Her whole body was in pain.


Mr. and Mrs. Brown hurriedly helped their daughter up. They were distressed when they saw their daughter’s condition.

Grandma May instructed Mrs. Lane. “Mrs. Lane, talk to the neighbors about this family’s evil deeds, lest they blame us for bullying them. We’re at a disadvantage in this fight. They have

two men and two women on their side, while we’re just three weak women. I’m so old that I have to use a walking stick. They’re the ones bullying us!”

The onlookers were speechless as they thought, ‘Grandma, you just beat up four people by yourself…‘

However, just as Grandma May threatened Hank earlier, she could very well pass out right then and there and blame it on the Browns. If that happened, the Browns would be in big trouble.

Mrs. Lane had been with Serenity for a few days and was well informed of the situation between Liberty and Hank. She was the one who came to take care of Sonny that night when Liberty went to the hotel to catch Hank and his mistress in the


Thus, Mrs. Lane told the crowd everything she knew.

Everyone in the community knew that Hank abused his wife because Liberty chased him with a kitchen knife down a few blocks after Hank hit her. This became big news in Bright Boulevard. After that incident, those men with the habit of domestic violence controlled their anger as they were afraid their wives would take after Liberty.

Hank also cheated and was caught in the act by Liberty. Thus, everyone could understand that Liberty wanted to file for divorce since no one wanted to be married to an unfaithful


“They were supposed to talk about their divorce, but the Browns were so despicable that they kidnapped her child! They even teamed up to bully Liberty. Don’t you all think they’re overboard? They said they missed their grandson, but

they’ve never cared for him and only raised their daughter’s children.

“A few days ago, that woman, Sonny’s biological

grandmother, brought her daughter’s sick son to Sonny and deliberately wanted to infect him. That kid admitted it himself. How could a grandmother be so vicious to her own grandson?

“It doesn’t matter if they didn’t want to take care of Sonny since they’re not obliged to. Helping out to babysit is just a bonus. But whose grandma will purposely want to infect their grandson?”

The crowd watched on for a while. The neighbors actually knew who Chelsea was because she was a horrid person.

At this moment when they heard Mrs. Lane’s explanation, everyone looked at the Browns with judgmental eyes. The Browns could not take it any longer and went over to push Mrs. Lane and close the front door.

Although Mrs. Lane did not know how to fight, she was not weak either. After she was pushed by the Browns, she immediately squeezed through the gap, pushed the front door open, and went back into the house.

Anyway, everyone knew the truth now.

Liberty was the victim who was bullied by her in–laws.

The fastest way to spread gossip was through these middle aged women’s mouths. In less than an hour, the entire Bright Boulevard knew that Hank and his wife were getting divorced and that the Browns kidnapped Sonny. They even bullied Liberty because she was an orphan.


“Stupid old hag! Where did you come from?! How dare you meddle in our business?!”


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