Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 450 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 450

Zachary said, “Callum, I’ll leave this place to you. Make sure he pays the price for how he treated Sonny.”

Zachary threw Matthew aside. Matthew fell to the ground but did not get up immediately. He even tried to kick Zachary.

Zachary did not even have to look to evade that kick. He stepped on Matthew’s foot, which made him howl in pain.

Glancing at Matthew, Zachary left these people behind and hurried out. Serenity had already put Sonny in the child safety

seat and was about to drive.

“Serenity, I’ll drive.”

Zachary quickly pulled Serenity out of the driver’s seat and stuffed her into the back seat of the car so that he could drive.

Serenity did not argue with him. She picked up the unconscious Sonny and wondered if the little boy fainted due to shock or pain. “Go to the nearest hospital.”

Without needing her reminder, Zachary would head to the nearest hospital too.

The car quickly drove away.

Serenity hugged Sonny tightly as her distressed tears fell on him.

Sonny was such an adorable kid, yet he had to suffer all this.

Along the way, the couple did not speak since Serenity was not in the mood to. She was afraid of what would happen to Sonny.

Serenity would not let the Reptons get away with it if anything bad happened to Sonny.

Soon, they arrived at the hospital.

As soon as Zachary parked the car, Serenity rushed out with Sonny in his arms.

“Doctor! I need a doctor!”

Serenity ran wildly while shouting for a doctor, attracting countless people’s attention.

The doctors and nurses were alarmed by Serenity’s cries. Serenity did not care what specialty the doctors were in. She grabbed one at random and quickly begged him. “Doctor, please save my nephew! He was abused and he fainted.”

The doctor quickly took Sonny from her and ran to the emergency room. Other doctors and nurses followed.

A nurse reminded Serenity. “Since the child was abused, you should hurry and call the police.”

The nurse then hurried away.

Serenity followed them. After Sonny was taken into the emergency room, she took out her phone, wiped away her tears, and called the police. When she spoke, her voice choked up, and the emergency operator gently comforted her and told her to calm down.

At that moment, Zachary came over and took the phone from her hand. He explained the situation to the operator clearly.


Serenity turned around and fell into his arms. She covered her

face as tears streamed down uncontrollably.

She had not cried like this for a long time. After the death of her parents, Serenity and Liberty had gone through life’s ups and downs, so they had long learned to be strong.

However, at this moment, Serenity could not control her emotions any longer. She thought of Sonny’s red and swollen face that was marked with fingerprints with blood tainting the corners of his mouth. She thought of how Sonny was so afraid that he could not make a sound. When Sonny fell limp in her arms, Serenity felt scared and powerless.

Zachary hugged her tightly.

“Sonny will be fine.”

Zachary comforted her as well as himself.

“If anything happens to Sonny, I’ll make sure their whole family pays the price!” Serenity cried as she said such harsh words.

“Sonny will be fine. We’ll hand this case to the police. I told Callum to return the favor.”

“How could they treat Sonny like this? That b*stard is Sonny’s cousin. Hank gives his parents a living allowance every month, and Liberty said that it’s no less than five thousand dollars. They use it on Chelsea’s household, so Hank is practically supporting his sister’s family. Look at how his nephew treats his own son!”

Zachary said in a deep voice, “Parents are a child’s first teachers. Chelsea’s character had subtly influenced her children, which made them rotten to the core.”


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