Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 451 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 451


Serenity and Zachary quickly stepped forward. She anxiously asked the doctor, “Doctor, how is my nephew?”

“The soft tissue on the child‘s face was injured, and one side of his thigh was bruised. Was he kicked? There are footprints on his clothes. Other than that, there‘s no other injury. He‘s unconscious because of the shock.”

The nurse was applying ice to Sonny‘s face.

“Who‘s so cruel to do such things to a small baby?”

The doctors felt distressed about what happened to Sonny.

Such a cute little baby was beaten until both sides of his face were black and blue. This showed how ruthless the perpetrator was for him to be so vicious to a small kid.

The abuser was simply mentally sick.

“His cousin.”

The doctor was speechless and thought, ‘What kind of grudge would someone have to pound their little cousin up this brutally?

“I took pictures of the child‘s injury earlier. You can keep them as evidence for the police. That way, you can sue the perpetrator.”

Serenity quickly thanked the doctor and took out her phone to add the doctor‘s contact details. After the doctor sent her the photos, she immediately forwarded them to Liberty.

“‘The child‘s injuries aren‘t that serious, but he’s seriously traumatized, so you should spend more time with him. He‘s still young, so he‘ll slowly forget about this trauma as long as someone‘s there for him.”

Serenity nodded repeatedly

“Thank you, doctor.”

Zachary thanked the doctor again.

“You‘re welcome.”

After the doctor left, the couple followed the nurses into a ward. Sonny was carried to a bed, and one of the nurses said, “He‘ll wake up soon and when he does, try to comfort him because he fainted from shock.

His face is still swollen, so you should continue to apply ice to his face for the next twenty four hours. After that, you can put a hot compress.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Serenity thanked the nurse profusely.

She sat on the bed and took over the nurse’s job of applying ice to Sonny’s face.

After a few minutes, Sonny woke up.

Sonny wanted to cry when he opened his eyes, but after he saw Serenity, he held back his tears. He then crawled over to Serenity and nestled in her arms.

“Sonny, don‘t be scared. Aunt Seren is here.”

Serenity hugged him with one arm and held the ice pack with the other hand as she coaxed him softly, “Sonny, let me apply this to your face so you can get better soon.”

Sonny‘s little hands were clasping onto Serenity’s clothes. After Serenity cajoled him, he was finally willing to lift his face so that Serenity could put ice on it.

“Zack, Serenity.”

Callum and the others came.

“How‘s Sonny?” Callum asked with concern.

“The soft tissue on his face is damaged. The doctor said to use ice cubes first, then a hot compress after twenty–four hours. One side of his thigh was also bruised from the kick. The main thing is that he fainted from shock.”

The physical injuries could heal easily.


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