Married at First Sight Chapter 2216 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2216 by desirenovelShe broke free from the two security guards vigorously, turned around, and slapped one security guard’s face fiercely.

She cursed: “You, the guard dog, dare to touch me. You really think I’m not the Farrell family’s real daughter, so I let you be cheap? Even Kathryn, the true daughter, would never be rough in front of me.”

The sound fell, and there was a snap.

It wasn’t that Shiloh slapped again, but the security guard who had been slapped by her fought back.

The security guard was a man, so the slap had to be very strong.

A heavy slap landed on Shiloh’s pretty face, and Shiloh was stunned. She covered the side of the face that was slapped by the security guard, and stared at the security guard in disbelief.

The burning pain on her face pulled Shiloh back to reality, and she was so angry that she slapped him again.

But this time the security guard didn’t take it obediently, he avoided Shiloh’s slap, and pushed Shiloh with his backhand, Shiloh was pushed back several steps before she stood still.

“Dog, if you dare to hit me and push me, I will K!ll you!”

After Shiloh stood firm, she immediately picked up her bag and slapped the security guard frantically.

Obviously she was the one who hit someone first.

Another security guard hurried forward to help, and worked together with his colleagues to subdue Shiloh.

“Let me go, let me go, you two b*stards! How dare you treat me this way; I’ll go back and tell my mother. Do you know who my mother is? Allow me to leave!”

Kevin, who did something “bad”, witnessed the conflict between Shiloh and the security guards.

He came over.

Seeing Kevin, Shiloh stopped struggling.

She didn’t want to be so embarrassed in front of her rival.

“You two have treated Ms. Farrell too much. Let her go. You go about your business and don’t worry about her.”

Kevin put on a face, always smiling when he spoke.

The two security guards let go of Shiloh, and the security guard who was beaten by Shiloh said to Kevin: “Mr. York, it’s not her mother, so I don’t spoil her.”

So, he fought back.

Give Shiloh a hard slap to teach Shiloh how to behave.

Did she think everyone had to tolerate her?

How old was she?

She’s just the daughter of the housekeeper of the Farrell family. Her father committed a crime and was still sitting in prison, her mother was farming in the countryside, and her brother was also a man who had achieved nothing.

The whole family bullied the real Ms. Farrell, and this impostor had the nerve to put on Ms. Farrell’s airs to do her best.

She didn’t know what Matriarch Farrell thought.

Shiloh: “Whoever told you to touch me, you two dogs did, and I’m going to sue you for molesting me!”

“Who insulted you? We, Mr. Queen, don’t even look down on you. You still lean in front of our Mr. Queen. Mr. Queen asked us to drag you away. Who told you to block our Mr. Queen’s way?”

Shiloh: “…This man keeps pestering Mr. Queen, why don’t you drive him away?”

Shiloh actually knew that she was wrong.

She also knew that Hayden ordered it.

She couldn’t and didn’t dare to settle accounts with Hayden, so she could only vent her anger on the two security guards.

Kevin chuckled, “Ms. Farrell, oh, no, you’re not Ms. Farrell, you’re Ms. Dion, your father’s surname is Dion, so you should be called Ms. Dion, I’m Mr. Queen’s guest, Mr. Queen likes me. What are your thoughts? If you have any opinions, you have to hold back. Ms. Dion, I warn you, go as far as you can, and you’re not worthy of pursuing my Hayden.

If it’s Miss Kathryn, she has some qualifications. My Hayden also thinks highly of Miss Kathryn. Your surname is Dion, what qualifications do you have? Your father is just a housekeeper, or a sinner who committed a crime and was punished by the law.”

Shiloh was so angry that her face was livid, but she couldn’t refute Kevin.

The biological father she did not want to recognize was indeed Dion.

Now everyone in Jensburg knew that Shiloh was not a child of the Farrell family, but the daughter of the former housekeeper of the Farrell family, so she should return to her real home.


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