Married at First Sight Chapter 2217 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2217 by desirenovel“Mr. York, I won’t like a man like you!” Shiloh yelled angrily, then turned around and walked away.

Her mother also told her often not to fight with Kevin, telling her that the York Corporation was behind Kevin and that even she had to be nice to Kevin when she saw him.

Kevin said to the two security guards: “Go back to work, don’t worry about that lunatic, the sky is falling, I will support you.”

He wanted to see if Matriarch Farrell would seek him out for this counterfeit.

After Mrs. Stone brought Liberty to Jensburg quietly, Kevin knew that Farrell family was already the target of their York family.

The person killed by Matriarch Farrell was his sister-in-law’s own grandmother!

The two security guards thanked Kevin and returned to their jobs.

They weren’t afraid either, they only pulled Shiloh away on the orders of Mr. Queen, who told Shiloh not to be afraid of death to block Mr. Queen’s way.

Mr. Queen didn’t have the heart to bump into her, it was Shiloh’s fate.

Shiloh returned to her car and wanted to drive away, but suddenly found that the tires of her car were flat, and all four tires were flat.

She immediately jumped out of the car and checked the tires, but she couldn’t see any holes in the tires, and she didn’t know how the air leaked.

But she could be sure of one thing, this was man-made!

Her car was fine when she arrived.

Besides, even if it was bad, only one would be bad.

How could all four tires be bad?

Shiloh was so angry that she cursed: “Who deflated my tire?”

The tire was not bad, but it was flat, and she suspected that someone had deflated the tire.

Kevin glanced at her, half a smile, but walked towards his car without saying a word.

Shiloh: “Mr. York, it’s you, it must be you!”

The security had no chance to do it.

People from Queen Enterprise came in and out, and they would not go to release her tire gas.

Only Kevin could.

He had that chance too.

By the way, just now she noticed that Kevin walked over from the direction where she parked.

It must be Kevin!

“Do you have any evidence to prove it’s me? If not, don’t yell, and be careful that I will sue you for framing and slander.” Kevin left a word and walked away.

The rival in love was aggressive, and he was even more aggressive!

He never relented when dealing with enemies.

Shiloh looked angrily at Kevin and walked away.

Looking at her car with a flat tire, she stomped her feet in anger, then quickly took out her mobile phone and was about to call her elder brother, but after thinking about it, she changed her mind and called Kathryn instead.

Kathryn answered her call.

“Kathryn, my car broke down, and now I’m in Queen Enterprise, come here and pick me up!”

Shiloh’s words were commanding.

Kathryn didn’t speak, but hung up the phone directly.

She was accompanying her mother to meet a customer at the moment, and it was an important customer. She was the first to talk. After the talk was settled, her mother went to the hotel with her to meet the customer and treat the customer to dinner.

Winning this business would bring huge profits to the Farrell Group.

Matriarch Farrell took it very seriously.


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