Married at First Sight Chapter 2218 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2218 by desirenovelHow could Kathryn leave her important client behind and run to pick up Shiloh at this time!

Not to mention that Kathryn wanted to see guests, even if she didn’t need to, and she wouldn’t pick up Shiloh, a counterfeit who had taken over everything that should belong to her. After the truth was revealed, she never apologized to her and always wanted to bully her. Kathryn, why did she go to pick up Shiloh?

“Who called you?”

Matriarch Farrell noticed that when Kathryn answered the phone, she hung up without saying anything. She then asked her daughter a soft question.

Kathryn: “It’s Shiloh.”

Matriarch Farrell: “What is wrong with her? Why does she call?”

The mother and daughter had already walked into the hotel.

“She said her car had broken down and ordered me to pick her up right away.” Kathryn replied calmly, “Mom, it’s impossible for me to pick her up at this time, and I have reasons and reasons for her going to sue you.”

Matriarch Farrell looked unhappy, and said: “I know about this matter. If Shiloh complains to me, I will criticize her. She is doing nothing all day long, but you have to go to work. Now that we are meeting important clients, how can you leave the clients behind to pick her up? There is a driver at home. Her father and her sisters-in-law are all idle at home. She can find anyone to pick her up. She has to find you.”

Matriarch Farrell said this because she was dissatisfied with her adopted daughter, and she also understood that the adopted daughter deliberately caused trouble for her own daughter.

Matriarch Farrell: “Kathryn, don’t worry, Mom will definitely stand by your side in this matter. Don’t be influenced by Shiloh. Meeting clients with emotions is a taboo in business.”

Kathryn hummed, “Mom, I know.”

Matriarch Farrell took a deep look at her biological daughter.

Kathryn had always been indifferent to her mother, and she didn’t have much to talk about with her. Fortunately, the daughter could also understand her real intention of treating her coldly.

Her cold treatment of her biological daughter and partiality towards her adopted daughter made a lot of people happy to see her success, and even inspired her adopted daughter to compete with her biological daughter and her biological daughter.

Those people were ambitious.

Matriarch Farrell was getting old, and she was a bit powerless to deal with things. Moreover, those ambitious people still crawled out of her belly. When she was young and vicious, she was somewhat reluctant when facing her sons.

So, she didn’t move.

She saved it for her own daughter to practice.

In private, Matriarch Farrell asked Kathryn to promise her that her three older brothers would be spared. As for those members of her husband’s family, Kathryn could do whatever she wanted.

Matriarch Farrell thought that if she died, her in-laws would rely on their status as elders to take advantage of Kathryn.

Especially the person next to her pillow, she knew exactly what was on her mind.

Although Kathryn was capable, she was young after all. Matriarch Farrell was quite worried that Kathryn would not be able to deal with the people on the matrilineal side.

Shiloh, who was hung up by Kathryn, became even more angry.

She called Kathryn again.

Kathryn still answered the phone but did not speak.

“Kathryn, do you dare to hang up on me? I order you, come and pick me up right away! It’s so hot, do you think I’ll die from the heat? If you dare not come over, I’ll tell mom that you asked someone to destroy my car and let me die of heat on purpose!”

In this kind of weather, even when the sun was setting in the west in the evening, Shiloh still felt like the sun was too bright and the heat wave was pressing down on her.

She was already sweating profusely from the heat.

She just slapped the security guard violently, and now she had no face to run to the security room to blow the wind.

The security room was air-conditioned.

Shiloh, who was extremely hot at the moment, was envious of the security guards who could sit in the air-conditioned room and go to work.

The Queen Enterprise was so rich that even the security room was equipped with air conditioners.

Kathryn handed the phone to her mother.

Matriarch Farrell took the phone, and just put the phone to her ear, when she heard her adopted daughter yelling curses and threatening Kathryn on the phone.

“There is no driver at home? Why don’t you call the driver? Do you want Kathryn to pick you up?”

Matriarch Farrell loved her adopted daughter even more, and when she heard Shiloh yelling at Kathryn and threatening her with various threats, she also became angry.

After all, Kathryn was her own!


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