Married at First Sight Chapter 2221 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2221 by desirenovel“That is, as long as the child is healthy, it doesn’t matter if it’s a son or a daughter. Their York family is a monk’s temple. If you can’t have a daughter, you can’t blame yourself. The decision to have a son or daughter rests with the man.”


A familiar voice came.

That’s the Grandma May’s.

Both Elisa and Serenity looked towards the door of the office, and saw Grandma May and Mrs. Lane coming in together.

Mrs. Lane was carrying three or four insulated lunch boxes.

“Grandma, why are you here?”

“Grandma York.”

Both got up.

Serenity saw the insulated lunch box in Mrs. Lane’s hand, and understood that the reason for Grandma May’s sudden arrival was to bring her meals.

Grandma May smiled and said: “It’s noon, I thought it was hot and sunny outside, and I didn’t want you to walk around, so Mrs. Lane brought you food for you to eat in the company.”

After finishing speaking, Grandma May looked at Elisa with a smile again, and said with a smile: “Chili Pepper, long time no see.”

Elisa yelled in disbelief: “Grandma York, I’m not young anymore, I’m older than Seren, don’t call me Chili Pepper, I’m not spicy anymore.”

Grandma May smiled and said: “To me, you are still young. You are just not hot in front of the people you care about. You are still hot outside. That’s how it should be. The most gentle side should be reserved for your own people.”

Seeing Elisa holding the bag, Grandma May said again: “Elisa, I specially prepared some extra food, enough for you and Seren, so you didn’t go out to eat.”

Elisa smiled and said: “Grandma York I’d love to have dinner with Seren and try Mrs. Lane’s cooking, but we have a lunch appointment with a client who smokes heavily, and Seren is pregnant, so don’t let her inhale secondhand smoke. I’m trying to persuade Seren not to follow me. Grandma York, you came just in time, you eat here with Seren and I’m going to see a client.”

Serenity: “…”

Her husband’s family didn’t restrict her to do anything, but her cousin was in control of her.

She wanted to drink a glass of water, and Elisa wanted to pour it for her, and didn’t want her to move around.

She was too cautious.

Let’s talk about Elisa. Elisa said that she was ordered by her mother to take care of Serenity.

Mrs. Stone also prepared a lot of gifts when she knew that Serenity was back, and took her husband and daughter to Zachary’s villa on the top of the mountain, and then gave Serenity a thousand and one instructions.

At home, she told her daughter thousands and thousands of times that Elisa should take care of Serenity in the company and not let Serenity carry heavy things.

Grandma May: “That’s it, then you go to meet the client, I will dine with Seren here.”

“Thank you, Grandma York, I’m leaving.” Elisa walked out of her and Serenity’s office holding her bag.

The two sisters were both company bosses, and the offices were not separated, but work together.

Mrs. Lane put the four insulated lunch boxes she brought on the desk.

Serenity hurriedly tidied up the desk.

“Grandma, Mrs. Lane, you gave too much, four insulated lunch boxes!”

Mrs. Lane smiled and said: “The Old Madam York is worried that you have no appetite, so she asked me to make more dishes that you usually like to eat.”

Serenity: “Except for my love of sour, it hasn’t changed much.”

“The young master said that you consumed sour and sweet fruits and vomited slightly. He specifically instructed me not to make you sour and sweet ones. I smuggled you a sour plum because I know that you now enjoy eating sour foods.”


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