Married at First Sight Chapter 2224 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2224 by desirenovelHe thought Liberty had gone to the hospital to visit her ex-husband again.

Duncan: “Is that so, is Serenity alright?”

Liberty: “She’s pretty good. Zachary said that she doesn’t eat sour or sweet food, so she doesn’t vomit that much.”

Duncan smiled and said, “It will still be like this. Zachary will definitely not let her eat sour and sweet food. Otherwise, if Serenity vomits, Zachary will be so stressed that he won’t be able to go to work for a day. Even if someone else is in the company, His heart will fly to Serenity’s side.”

Just like Zachary, even though Duncan went back to work in the company, his heart would go to Liberty when he got off work.

Duncan came back to the company occasionally to deal with some things in the company, and he would go to Liberty’s new restaurant to help her try dishes at noon.

She packed his lunch and dinner.

Liberty: “Mr. Lewis, I told them before I came out that I left some food for you. You can eat slowly. I’ll go back later.”

Duncan smiled, “Okay, I see.”

Liberty: “Well, it’s okay, I’ll go eat first.”

Duncan: “Alright.”

After finishing the call, Duncan said to the bodyguard with confidence: “Push me in, Liberty has left food for me.”

The bodyguard hurriedly pushed him into Liberty’s restaurant.

The name of the new restaurant was also All You Can Eat, but with a few more words added, it became “All You Can Eat Restaurant”.

Liberty wanted to make a name for All You Can Eat, and after she opened more restaurants, she would set up a All You Can Eat Group.

Give her All You Can Eat a place in the restaurant world.

In the ward, Hank, who was full of food and drink, got out of bed with the support of his parents, walked around, and digested food.

He recovered well, but after all, he was a person who went to the gate of h-e-l-l twice, and he could only get out of bed and walk around in the past two days, and he didn’t dare to walk too fast, for fear of tearing the wound and killing him again.

“Hank, you can go down the road now.”

Chelsea came in with a bag of apples, and when she saw her brother walking slowly in the ward, she let out a cry of surprise.

Mrs. Brown stared at her son nervously, for fear that his son would fall due to the pain of pulling the wound.

“In the past two days, he can get out of bed and walk around, and the doctor also said that he should get out of bed and walk around, just don’t walk for too long.”

It was Mr. Brown who answered Chelsea.

The son was able to recover his life and was still recovering. This was the blessing of the Brown family’s ancestors.

Chelsea: “Didn’t Liberty bring Sonny over to see Hank these two days?”

Chelsea herself had not been to the hospital for several days.

She put the bag of apples on the bedside table.

Mrs. Brown: “She came here yesterday, and after a short stay, she said that she was busy with business and had to leave, and that Sonny would also follow his mother, and refused to stay and accompany Hank.”

Mrs. Brown went forward to help her son walk back to the bed and sit down.

After walking for a while, Hank’s forehead was covered with sweat.

Mrs. Brown took out a tissue to help her son wipe off his sweat, and asked her daughter, “Do you know when Liberty’s new restaurant will open? It’s not convenient for me, your father, and Hank to congratulate her. You can inquire about it, and then wrap a big red envelope for her and send a few flower baskets to congratulate.”

Chelsea said: “I came here today to tell my parents about this. Liberty’s All You Can Eat restaurant will open tomorrow. I also think we should go to congratulate. Mom, how much red envelopes do you think we should pack? She’s not short of money now. Seeing that her business is booming, I’m jealous, envious and jealous. If she hadn’t divorced back then, Hank would have shared half of the money she earned. It’s the joint property of husband and wife.”

Now, no matter how much money Liberty made, it had nothing to do with the Brown family.


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