Married At First Sight Chapter 2873

Married At First Sight Chapter 2873-Mr. Bucham looked at the time and said, “We are here a little early. If it is summer, many people will be up at this time. How about waiting in the car for a while and then knocking on the door?”

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Mrs. Bucham said, “I’ll call my son first and ask him to get up.”

With that said, Mrs. Bucham called Julian.

Julian just dreamed that he kissed Kiera’s red lips. The harsh ringtone of his cell phone woke him up before he could fully appreciate it. After waking up, he was still thinking about the kiss in his dream. After touching his mouth, Julian felt Only then did he realize that he was dreaming.

Although Kiera did not escape and faced his confession openly, she said she still had to think about it.

He didn’t immediately return his feelings.

Even dreaming was sweet. D*mn the phone. What unscrupulous person would call him early in the morning to disturb his dream!

Julian suddenly became angry.

He grabbed the phone, answered the call without looking at the caller ID, and asked in a sinister tone, “Who are you, disturbing my dreams so early in the morning? You’d better have something big to tell me, otherwise…”

Mrs. Bucham: “What else? Who do you think I am? I’m your mother. I’m at the door of Caron’s house. You’d better come out and open the door now; otherwise, I will go in and skin you.”

Julian was vicious, and his mother was even more vicious than him.

A few words made Julian’s anger disappear. He suddenly sat up from the bed and whispered, “Mom? You—what did you say? You are at the door of Caron’s house? Dad is also there?”

His parents said they were coming over, and they actually came so quickly.

Mrs. Bucham: “Your dad is next to me. I see that the door to my in-laws’ house is still closed. Maybe they haven’t gotten up yet? Son, did we come too early?”

Julian rolled over, got out of bed, and responded, “Of course it’s early. It’s so cold that you guys came so early. My dad said he was coming over, and he actually came over. I told you that the time is not yet ripe. You guys, come over.” It will scare Kiera.

Mom, you and dad wait for a few minutes, and I’ll go downstairs and open the door for you right away.”

Even though his parents really came after complaining, Julian couldn’t really let his parents wait outside.

He told Mrs. Bucham a few words, hung up the phone, then changed his clothes as quickly as possible, put on a thick coat, grabbed his cell phone, and hurried downstairs.

The door of the Caron family was not opened, but Kenneth and Kiera were already up, not to mention Mrs. Caron, who was used to getting up early to prepare breakfast for the family.

When Mr. Caron and Kendrick went out, Mrs. Caron prepared breakfast for them, so the father and son had breakfast before going out.

Julian thought he got up early. When he went downstairs, he saw Kenneth and Kiera and realized that he was the last one to get up.

“Julian, wake up. Auntie left breakfast for you. Eat it while it’s hot. They’ve both eaten and drunk enough. They’ll go back to the martial arts gym later.”

Mrs. Caron came out of the kitchen and said this to Julian with a smile.

“Auntie, morning.” Julian smiled and said hello, then greeted Kenneth and Kiera and walked outside without stopping.

Seeing his footsteps in a hurry, Kiera followed him and asked with concern, “Julian, what happened?”

Mrs. Caron also followed to the door of the house and watched.

Julian stopped and waited for Kiera. When Kiera came to his side, he whispered, “Kiera, my parents are here. They are at your door now. They just called me.”

Kiera was stunned.

Julian’s parents are here?

Right now at her doorstep!

Her first reaction was, were they coming for her?

Kiera felt a little nervous for no reason.

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