Married At First Sight Chapter 2875

Married At First Sight Chapter 2875-In fact, Julian also hid it from his parents, but his parents were not ordinary people. They knew what he did but kept silent.

Mrs. Caron, who was watching at the door of the house, saw her daughter bringing two strangers in. The two strangers were somewhat similar to Julian, and she quickly guessed the identities of the visitors.

Mrs. Caron quickly opened the door to the main house.

When Mrs. Bucham saw Mrs. Caron, she almost called her in-laws.

She stopped hastily as she spoke, fearing that being too abrupt would scare her future in-laws.

Mrs. Caron didn’t expect Julian’s parents to come over.

She was thinking that her husband and the eldest son had just gone to the airport and were about to fly to Wiltspoon to find out about Julian’s parents. However, it was good that they were here. It wasn’t too embarrassing for the husband when he went to Wiltspoon to find out about the Bucham family.

The Caron family was still very satisfied with Julian.

If the Bucham family were very good people and stayed as far away as possible, they would all agree to Kiera marrying Wiltspoon.

They just didn’t know what illness Julian had. The brothers didn’t ask Julian last night, and Kiera didn’t tell the family. Mrs. Caron guessed that there was nothing wrong with Julian’s health through her daughter’s attitude towards Julian. Maybe it was a disease before, and it is cured now.

In the words of Kendrick, if Julian had not cured his physical illness, he would not have confessed to Kiera. How could he be willing to marry someone and remain a widow if he truly loved someone?

Thinking like this, Mrs. Caron felt relieved.

When the two parents met at their home, Mrs. Caron felt that Mr. Bucham and his wife had good tempers, were very easy-going, and seemed to be very down-to-earth.

In order not to put pressure on their future in-laws, Mr. Bucham and his wife deliberately bought a few sets of cheaper clothes before coming over. They did not dare to wear big-brand clothes, lest their future in-laws think that their family is too rich and cannot afford to reach them. Then they would hold their son back.

Mr. Bucham and his wife had already known everything about the Caron family’s situation.

They didn’t dislike the Caron family at all but felt that the two families were well-matched.

Strictly speaking, it was the Caron family that suffered the loss. Their Julian was already a middle-aged uncle, while Kiera was still a juicy little girl. Julian was an old cow eating young grass.

Therefore, Mr. Bucham and his wife kept a very low profile.

After her mother and second brother helped greet Mr. Bucham and his wife, Kiera turned around and walked out to help Julian move things.

Seeing Julian coming in with something in a snakeskin bag, she asked him, “Have you taken all the things? What is this?”

Julian said, “There are many more in the car. My parents pulled a car over. No wonder they used a seven-seater commercial vehicle. It was used as a truck.”

The five seats in the back were packed to the brim, and the trunk was also packed to the brim. As long as he opened the trunk door, all the stuff stuffed in the back would fall off.

“This is a big bag of sweet potatoes.” Julian replied.

He didn’t know if his parents went to the market to buy it or if they went to a village to buy it.

He opened it and looked at it. The sweet potatoes in the bag were very beautiful.

Kiera liked to eat roasted sweet potatoes. With this bag of sweet potatoes, she could roast them every day.

Julian’s parents had already figured out Kiera’s preferences. They also remembered what she liked to eat, even if it was roasted sweet potatoes.

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