Married At First Sight Chapter 2876

Married At First Sight Chapter 2876-Julian knew that his parents would ignore him after he and Kiera got married and only see their daughter-in-law. He was probably the toolman who took turns giving them grandchildren.

Kiera said, “So many sweet potatoes? You can roast the red potatoes and bake them yourself. The roasted sweet potatoes bought from outside cost more than ten dollars a piece, which is too expensive.”

Kiera really liked it.

The car door was still open. Kiera walked over, leaned into the car, and took a look. He was stunned. “Is the whole car full of sweet potatoes?”

She also picked up a snakeskin bag and didn’t know whether to put it in sweet potatoes or taro.

Soon, Kenneth also came out to help.

The three young men went back and forth several times before moving all the farm specialties that filled the car into the Caron family’s hall.

The valuable gifts were stuffed into a snakeskin bag.

Julian thought that his parents really only brought some farm specialties.

However, Mrs. Caron did not feel any pressure to receive these gifts from the Bucham family, not to mention that Mr. Bucham and his wife came to express their gratitude.

Mr. Bucham and his wife are here, but the Kiera brother and sister have not returned to the martial arts gym for the time being and have stayed at home to help entertain the guests.

Knowing that Mr. Bucham and his wife had not had breakfast, Mrs. Caron quickly took Kiera into the kitchen to prepare food again.

It was also at this time that Kiera had time to ask Mrs. Caron, “Mom, my dad and eldest brother went back to the martial arts gym so early today? I called my eldest brother, but he didn’t answer. I called dad, but he didn’t answer either.”

Mrs. Caron glanced outside and then replied in a low voice: “Your dad and your eldest brother booked flights for today to go to Wiltspoon to find out for you what the Bucham family is like. Who knew Julian’s parents would come over?”

Kiera: “Before I could think about it, dad and eldest brother ran to Wiltspoon.”

Mrs. Caron said, “I just want to help you find out clearly before you have thought about it and make sure you won’t be wronged or bullied when you get married. Only then can you and Julian develop with confidence. Now that I have met Julian’s parents, I feel that my worries are a bit unnecessary. They are obviously very satisfied with you.

What kind of family is the Bucham family? It’s their first visit. They didn’t send those expensive things, but they brought so many farm specialties. They were thinking about it for us, and they were afraid that we would think their threshold was too high and we couldn’t afford it. Being willing to accommodate us shows that they value you. Otherwise, when they come here, they will be arrogant, condescending, and looking down on others.”

She didn’t believe what Mr. Bucham and his wife said.

It’s been so long since Kiera helped Julian. He really came here because of this matter. He came a long time ago.

The two of them obviously came to see Kiera.

The food they received was acceptable to them, and it was something their daughter usually liked to eat. It was not worth the money, but the thought was more important.

Mrs. Caron added, “They also deliberately drove over in an ordinary car. The clothes they wore were no different from what we wore. They didn’t have any deliberate enthusiasm for us. They just liked us naturally. If they really wanted to say they were a little deliberate, they just brought us with them and tried to please.”

Kiera: “Mom, you think a lot. After meeting like this, you analyzed a lot of truths.”

Mrs. Caron said, “Julian is very good. Even though he is many years older than you, as long as he is sincere with you, we will not stop you two from being together. I was originally worried that his parents would not get along well, but I have seen too many wealthy families. Your parents are domineering, stubborn, and particular about being well-matched. I’m really worried that they will dislike you.

I’m not too worried now. When your dad and brother come back, you can reply to Julian.”

Kiera said, “Julian is sentimental. He said that except for me, he has no reaction to other women. Of course his family will not dislike me.”

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