Married At First Sight Chapter 2878

Married At First Sight Chapter 2878-Mrs. Caron, who had always admired Julian, knew that Julian was her son-in-law after learning about Julian’s special circumstances.

And because Julian was able to marry Kiera for special reasons, he would cherish it especially. Mrs. Caron didn’t have to worry about her daughter’s not having a good life after marrying Wiltspoon.

The mother and daughter were talking in the kitchen while preparing breakfast for Mr. and Mrs. Bucham.

Julian quickly came in to help.

“Julian, I don’t need your help. You go and talk to your parents.” Kiera pushed him out.

Julian said, “My parents asked me to come in to help, and you pushed me out. Who should I listen to?”

Julian asked, “By the way, are Uncle Caron and brother Kendrick not up yet, or have they already gone to the martial arts gym?”

Julian didn’t see Mr. Caron and Kendrick, and now he has the opportunity to ask.

“Your uncles Caron and Kendrick are away on business. They left for the airport very early this morning. They should be on the plane by now.” Mrs. Caron answered.

Julian didn’t think much about it.

Anyway, he has said everything that needs to be said. Now that his parents are here again, he just needs to wait for Kiera to think carefully and give him an answer.

To be honest, Julian was actually very nervous inside.

He felt that Kiera did not reject him. Kiera would also help him buy clothes. After he confessed his love, she didn’t run away. There was still a great chance.

But Kiera didn’t say it openly all day. Julian was worried, nervous, scared, and afraid that what was waiting would be rejection.

However, even if Kiera refuses, he will not give up and will pursue it to the end.

Don’t say he is sick; even if he is not sick, if he likes a woman, he will be committed to her for the rest of his life, and he will not like anyone else except her.

Julian said, “Auntie, you don’t need to prepare too much. Just cook a bowl of noodles for my parents to fill their stomachs. I will send my parents back to the hotel to rest later, and they can eat at the hotel.”

Mrs. Caron said, “Your parents have come so far and are honored guests of our family. I will treat them to dinner at noon. Do you want to eat out or eat at home? If you want to eat at home, Kiera, you and Kenneth don’t go back to the martial arts gym today. Go out and help mom buy some food. There isn’t much food at home.”

Mrs. Caron didn’t want to go out. Well, it was too cold. She was old and couldn’t bear it. If she drives to the supermarket, it won’t actually be too cold, but now she doesn’t dare to drive in snow or after snow. In the past, when she drove out after snow, her wheels slipped, and she almost had an accident. She was frightened. After that, as long as it was snowing, she didn’t even dare to drive out.

“Eat at home; Auntie, Kiera, and I will go shopping for groceries later.” Julian made decisions for his parents.

His parents didn’t want him to leave. They wished they could live with the Caron family like him.

The two families could get to know each other and get to know each other better.

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