Married At First Sight Chapter 2879

Married At First Sight Chapter 2879-Kenneth was chatting with Mr. and Mrs. Bucham in the hall.

Mr. Bucham was a very forthright person. There was only a few decades of age difference between him and Kenneth, but the two of them soon started chatting enthusiastically.

If Julian hadn’t brought breakfast to his parents, Mr. Bucham and Kenneth would have become sworn brothers.

Mrs. Bucham secretly kicked Mr. Bucham many times.

Has this old guy, Mr. Bucham, forgotten where he is now?

This was the Caron family, the home of their future in-laws.

Kenneth was the brother of their future daughter-in-law. If Mr. Bucham and Kenneth become sworn brothers with different surnames, what should the son call Kenneth? This generation is in chaos.

“Dad, Mom, and Auntie have prepared breakfast for you. You can eat it while it’s hot. We have already eaten.”

Julian greeted his parents into the restaurant for dinner and said to them at the same time, “Dad, Mom, let’s eat here at noon. Kiera and I will go out to buy groceries later.”

Mrs. Bucham smiled and said, “Okay, I want to go too and enjoy the snow scenery. Husband, what about you? You should also go along and help carry the dishes.”

Mrs. Bucham seemed to be asking her husband for his opinion, but she made the decision for him.

She didn’t dare to leave her husband at Caron’s house, fearing that Julian would call Kenneth his uncle when he came back to buy some vegetables.

“OK.” Mr. Bucham readily agreed.

Mrs. Caron came out of the kitchen and said very embarrassedly, “I didn’t realize you were here. Breakfast is extremely simple. You can make due with it. What would you like to eat for lunch? Do not be polite to me. Please tell me what you want to eat. I’ll tell you. It is possible that it will burn out. I treat you like family, and you are welcome.”

Mrs. Bucham smiled and said, “We will not be polite or formal; we are just a family. We are not picky; we will eat whatever we have.”

“In-laws, oh, Mrs. Caron, your daughter, Kiera, is really a good girl, unlike our Julian, who is a J*rk. His father and I were often p!ssed off by him.”

Mrs. Caron ignored what Mrs. Bucham accidentally called her in-laws. She smiled and said, “Anyway, our Kiera makes me angry. Julian is young and promising, mature and steady, gentle as jade, good-tempered, and tolerant. He has a strong heart and is much better than our Kiera.”

Mr. Bucham looked at Julian and teased him: “Is the Julian that Mrs. Caron talks about my son? Why does it sound like a different person?”

“Dad, please eat your breakfast quickly. It won’t taste good if it’s cold.” Julian helplessly urged his parents to have breakfast quickly.

Don’t hurt him, and save him some face! He was Young Master Bucham.

In Wiltspoon, he was a god-like existence, a dragon that never saw its end. Many people were afraid of him.

When his parents hurt him, they didn’t leave him any face at all, and they wished they could make him worthless.

Kiera hadn’t replied to him yet. Looking at his parents’ attitude, they couldn’t wait to hold a wedding for him and Kiera the next day.

Half an hour later.

Julian and Kiera took Mr. and Mrs. Bucham out to buy groceries.

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