Married At First Sight Chapter 2880

Married At First Sight Chapter 2880-As soon as they left, Mrs. Caron said to Kenneth, “I feel more relieved after seeing Julian’s parents.”

Kenneth said, “I’m relieved, Mom. Kiera hasn’t agreed with Julian yet, right? I want to agree with Kiera. The Bucham family is suitable for Kiera. The people in their family are generous. Kiera has a carefree personality. To put it bluntly, it’s okay. Outspoken, in tune with the Bucham family.”

Mrs. Caron glared at Kenneth and said, “This is a major event in your sister’s life. We will help her pass the test and let her decide the rest. She is the one who wants to marry Julian, and she is the one who will spend the rest of her life with Julian. She must like her. Also, since your sister is married, you and your eldest brother should also think about it.”

“Mom, I’m going to wash the rice and cook the rice.” Kenneth turned around and left.

Mrs. Caron really took the opportunity to urge him to get married.

She scolded him a few times.

Snow could be seen everywhere in Yonsburg. But at noon in Wiltspoon, the highest temperature was 25 degrees. People wearing short sleeves could be seen shopping on the streets at any time.

Serenity was waiting in the bookstore for Zachary to pick her up and go to the Wiltspoon Hotel for dinner together.

Now she no longer knits handicrafts, and the original online store has been transferred to a mother who helped her make goods.

Then, she stayed in the bookstore, except when the students were a little busy after class; she was very bored at other times.

From time to time, she would visit the store next door. Although the bodyguards did not follow her, they kept staring at her, fearing that she would make a mistake.

When Jasmine was guarding the store, she loved reading novels and could read a book without moving all day long.

Serenity didn’t like reading novels very much. She picked a famous book and read more than ten pages, then she kept yawning and wanted to sleep.

Yawning again, she closed the famous book and stopped reading. The reading was hypnotic.

She got up, walked around the checkout counter, and walked towards the big bookshelves. She took a chicken feather sweep and swept the dust off the bookshelves. There was actually no dust at all. She was looking for something to do for herself to avoid boredom.

At this time, the sound of high-heeled footsteps came from outside.

Soon, she saw a strange young woman walking in. She was wearing Hermès on her arm. She was brightly dressed with exquisite makeup, and her waist-length hair was wavy.

The moment Serenity saw her walking in, she seemed to feel familiar, but after seeing her face, Serenity was sure that she had never seen her before.

The two bodyguards guarding the door of the bookstore followed in. Serenity told them to just watch at the door. She still held a chicken feather brush in her hand and said to the young woman who walked in, “Hello, what do you need?”

The young woman looked around the bookstore, and finally her eyes returned to Serenity. She smiled and said, “My brother-in-law is in the second year of junior high this year. The school said what materials were needed. I didn’t remember it. He called home and said that this bookstore had good information. I bought it; do you know what the information is?”

Serenity asked her, “Which school does your brother-in-law go to?”

The young woman was randomly enrolled in a school.

Serenity turned around and walked away to help her with the information.

Soon, she prepared a set of materials for the young woman, handed the set of materials to the young woman, and said, “Your brother-in-law’s school usually uses these materials. Parents of students from his school came to buy them from me.”

“That should be it. How much does a set cost?” The young woman looked through it casually and then asked Serenity.

Serenity said, “It’s four hundred and sixty-nine dollars in total. It’s available in every subject. The price is also the same. It’s the same price no matter which bookstore you go to.”

The young woman said, Oh, but she didn’t find it too expensive. She put down the stack of information books, and after wandering around the store again, she asked Serenity, “Does your store have those kinds of red numbers and strokes? My sister-in-law has just entered kindergarten and needs to use red drawings, so I bought her a few books to prevent her from watching TV and playing on her mobile phone as soon as she got home.”

Serenity asked, “How old is your sister-in-law today? She plays with the mobile phones and has fun.”

The young woman complained, “She is better at watching videos than me.”

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