Married At First Sight Chapter 2881

Married At First Sight Chapter 2881-Serenity said, “Okay. But there are no drawings for children in my store; you can go to other bookstores to look.”

Her bookstore was located in front of a middle school, and its main customer base was middle school students. There were no books for kindergartens.

The young woman said, “Then I’ll go to other bookstores later to check it out.”

After paying for the information books, the young woman picked up the set of information books, thanked Serenity, turned around, and walked out of the bookstore.

Serenity looked at her back and felt that her figure looked familiar.

Maybe she had met this young woman when she accompanied Zachary to social events before, but she had no actual contact with her, so she didn’t remember her.

She would ask Zachary later, whose eldest son is married, the second son is only in the second grade of junior high school, and the daughter has just entered kindergarten?

Judging from the fact that the young woman is only about twenty-one or twenty-two years old, her husband should not be very old.

Serenity often attended various gatherings of high society before she was pregnant. She had never heard of anyone’s son getting married early. The young women she had met were all older than her. Maybe the husband’s family of the young woman just now had not yet entered among the wealthy families.

The young woman’s car was parked not far away. It was a BMW 7 Series with a white body.

There were two men in black suits waiting for her in front of the car. When she approached, the two men in black suits looked respectful toward the young woman. They should be her bodyguards and drivers.

“Let’s go.”

The young woman got into the car and ordered the driver to drive.

When the car was far away, the young woman turned to look at Serenity’s bookstore. She thought it was far enough away that Serenity could no longer see her, so she raised her hand to touch her face.

This young woman was none other than Carrie, the second young lady of the Newman family, who had not been heard from for a few days.

She was under Mr. Labbe’s care, but in Wiltspoon, she interacted with people as Mrs. Labbe.

Mr. Labbe said this was to avoid suspicion.

When Carrie put on the human skin that Mr. Labbe had given her, she immediately appeared to be a different person. Her mission was to get close to Serenity and become friends with her. After waiting for the opportunity to meet the child named Titus, she cooperated with Mr. Labbe’s arrangement and took away the child named Titus.

Mr. Labbe said that after the incident is completed, he will help her if she wants to take revenge on Serenity and Camryn.

She said that Zachary and the York family were both unbearable in her eyes.

She didn’t know Mr. Labbe’s real background, but she knew that he was very cruel and ruthless. She had boarded his pirate ship after falling for his manipulation, and she was prepared to hook up with him in order to exact revenge on the person she secretly despised.

Carrie thought for a long time before she came up with this method and appeared in front of Serenity with a new look. Carrie was relieved when she saw that Serenity could not recognize her.

As long as she didn’t have too much contact with Camryn, Serenity would never have thought that she was Carrie. After all, Serenity didn’t know her very well. The two were enemies, but they didn’t have many interactions.

Maybe Serenity didn’t take her seriously at all.

“Serenity, I’m younger than you. Even if I have to wait a few years, I can afford to wait.” Carrie muttered to herself.

The bodyguard sitting in the passenger seat turned to remind Carrie: “Miss Newman, you performed well today, but please don’t keep appearing in front of the eldest wife of the York family for the time being, lest she arouse her suspicion.

I tell you that you need to study more, improve your abilities, change your temper, and act gentle and generous, like a lady. Your previous arrogance and domineering attitude must be changed. You must not be like before; otherwise, it is difficult for you to enter the circle of ladies in the upper-class society in Wiltspoon.”

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