Married At First Sight Chapter 2882

Married At First Sight Chapter 2882-Carrie curled her lips and said, “You think those ladies are no longer arrogant? They are also very arrogant, but you haven’t encountered them. Our Newman family is also a wealthy family. I am just young and energetic, not without quality. I also have a very good temperament. In the past, my social circle was full of daughters from famous families and young ladies from rich families.”

Even though her mother was not popular in the circle, it was because her mother was the sister-in-law who remarried her eldest brother, so everyone does not like her mother.

But it does not affect Carrie’s status as the second young lady of the Newman family in Wiltspoon’s upper-class society. She couldn’t compare with Elisa, but she was better than many young ladies from rich families.

Carrie was very confident and never thought that her temperament and qualities were not good. She used to be the treasure of her parents, the apple of their eye. Plus, she was only about twenty years old—the age of a flower. What’s wrong with being a little arrogant?

“Miss Newman, you are now walking in Wiltspoon and are no longer the second young lady of the Newman family. You must keep in mind that the outcome will be very tragic if you fail to complete the task that our boss has assigned you. Our boss has a bad temper.”

“Also, you’re very capable. If our boss doesn’t come forward and hand you over, you will be worse off than dead. Our boss doesn’t care which family you are from. If he wants you to live, you will live. If he wants to die, you must die.”

Carrie’s face was gloomy, her lips pursed, and she stopped talking. But she was scolding Mr. Labbe in her heart for taking away her innocence but only letting her be his mistress.

That middle-aged uncle, Mr. Labbe, had many mistresses outside. Fortunately, Carrie didn’t care about Mr. Labbe’s favor. What she cared about was that he could provide her with a comfortable material life and help her so that she would have enough ability to compete with Camryn in the future.

Serenity, she could fix it if she could, but if she couldn’t, there’s nothing she could do about it. After all, the backers behind Serenity were too powerful.

But Carrie must take back Camryn and the Newman family’s property. She couldn’t stand that the blind woman, who had always stepped on her, would climb on top of her and dominate her.

She was unwilling to live another hard life after everything she suffered while in jail and the hard life she would have to live after she was released.

“How many children does your boss have?” Carrie suddenly asked.

The bodyguard said coldly, “This is not something you should ask. If our boss doesn’t tell you, don’t ask. Without his consent, you can’t give birth to his child. If our boss is willing to let you give birth, you can be born.”

Carrie cursed in her heart; she didn’t want to give birth to a child for Mr. Labbe.

If giving birth to a child could take away her original wife’s status and her child could inherit everything from Mr. Labbe, she might consider having one.

“If you don’t want to say it, don’t say it. I asked you to give me some more money. I want to buy a few more bags and customized clothes. Serenity and Camryn are both young ladies in the York family. They wear clothing custom-made by a big brand, so if I’m too poorly dressed, I won’t be able to blend in.”

The bodyguard said, “I’ll ask our boss for the amount of money I should give you.”

Carrie hummed, “Just tell him.”

Mr. Labbe was very generous to her, letting her live in a big villa again, drive a luxury car, use all the famous brands again, and spend the money as she pleased.

Because she had lived a tight life, even if she had money to spend, she still wanted more and secretly saved it. If something bad happened again in the future, at least she would be rich and would not starve to death.

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