Married At First Sight Chapter 2883

Married At First Sight Chapter 2883-Suddenly, Carrie lay down on her seat so that no one outside could see her.

At this time, Zachary’s special motorcade passed by.

In fact, Zachary wouldn’t look at Carrie.

She just felt guilty, worried that Zachary would see her, and worried that Zachary would see through what she was doing.

The main reason Serenity was able to send her in was because she had underestimated the enemy and didn’t know Serenity knew martial arts. The main reason was that Serenity had Zachary as her backer.

Even if she has climbed onto the mountain now, as soon as she sees Zachary’s car, Carrie will instinctively be afraid and want to hide.

When Zachary’s car drove past, the bodyguard in the passenger seat turned around and saw Carrie cowering in the car seat with a guilty conscience and fear. From the outside, no one could be seen in the back seat of the car.

“Miss Newman, what are you doing?” The bodyguard asked Carrie unhappily.

Carrie first raised her head and looked secretly outside the car. She didn’t see Zachary’s car anymore. Then she sat upright and straightened her clothes. She was too eager just now and hid all of a sudden, causing her clothes to be a little wrinkled.

They were all famous brands. She hadn’t worn them for a long time, and now that she was wearing them again, she couldn’t help but care for her famous brands.

Carrie said, “Do you know who owns the cars that passed by just now? That Rolls-Royce is Zachary’s usual car, and the cars behind are bodyguard cars. His bodyguard team follows him all the time.”

In the past, Zachary brought a bodyguard group to prevent his admirers from committing nymphomaniac behavior and pounce on him.

After getting married, he still brought a bodyguard group to prevent young women from getting too close and causing his wife to misunderstand him.

The couple still remembered Analia Dawson’s incident.

Was it because Zachary was discussing business with Mr. Dawson and gave Analia the opportunity to get closer? Analia tried to take Serenity’s place and even found a man who looked like Zachary as a stand-in, taking some ambiguous photos and sending them to Serenity. She wanted to destroy the relationship between Serenity and Zachary.

The bodyguard said coldly, “Miss Newman, please touch your face. You are now Mrs. Labbe, not Carrie. People in Wiltspoon don’t know you and don’t know who you are. You are so nervous. If you are afraid, how will you carry out the task assigned to you by our boss?”

The bodyguard was suspicious of Carrie.

But in Wiltspoon, Carrie was really the only one who was suitable to be this chess piece.

Others: let her get close to Serenity, and the other party will be happy.

But asking the other party to do something to offend Serenity was something that not many people would be willing to do.

No one wanted to offend Serenity—not afraid of Serenity, but afraid of Zachary.

Carrie: “Yes, I am Mrs. Labbe now, not Carrie. I’m sorry, I had an instinctive reaction for a moment. When I saw Zachary’s car, my instinctive reaction was to avoid it, fearing that he would see me.”

If Zachary recognized her, he would definitely guess that she was here to find Serenity, and then she would be in trouble again.

She was afraid of this, so she would avoid Zachary’s car when she saw it.

He ignored the fact that she appeared as Mrs. Labbe, not Carrie.

The bodyguard said, “When you appear as Mrs. Labbe in the future, calm down. Don’t be afraid of anyone. If the sky falls, our boss will hold you up. Our boss doesn’t even look down on the York family, so what are you afraid of?”

Wiltspoon could be respected by their boss, Mr. Labbe, and the only ones who were reluctant to offend were the Bucham family.

Of course, the York family had close ties with the Bucham family, so they couldn’t offend them if they could.

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