Married At First Sight Chapter 2884

Married At First Sight Chapter 2884-Mr. Labbe promised Carrie that after confirming that Titus was the boy they were looking for, if she could take him away, he would hand over all the property of the Newman family to Carrie and also hand over the Serenity to Carrie. For Carrie, she could do whatever she wanted.

Mr. Labbe did not tell Carrie that his promises were never valuable.

After the incident was completed, it was still unknown whether Carrie could survive. She could still dream about Mr. Labbe making enemies of the York family and the Bucham family because of her.

The bodyguards knew it, but they stayed here just to keep an eye on Carrie and to assist her, so they couldn’t tell Carrie too much.

Let Carrie have sweet dreams.

Otherwise, how could she have the motivation to help Mr. Labbe?

Carrie pursed her lips and said, “I understand. Why are you so cold and callous to me? You have to call me Mrs. Labbe in front of others.”

The two bodyguards were respectful and courteous to her in front of her, but behind her back, they were like two servants who kept an eye on her.

They were also good at fighting, but she didn’t have any boxing or kicking skills and couldn’t do a single move in their hands.

If they attacked her, they would be merciless and show no mercy at all.

She complained to Mr. Labbe, who also advised her not to anger them, saying that they were just rough guys and didn’t know how to be gentle, and their hands were full of blood.

She scared her so much that she never dared to provoke them again.

“Today you appeared in front of Serenity with a new look. You can resume your identity as Miss Newman and provoke your sister again, lest they lose the news about you and easily doubt you. “

Carrie had disappeared, and a strange Mrs. Labbe had appeared over there. It was easy for people to connect the two.

“Okay, I’ll go back to my rental house after dinner, and then I’ll go find Camryn to make a fuss.”

When Carrie heard that she could regain her identity as Miss Newman, she could not hide the relief in her expression.

It would be easier to be the second young lady in the Newman family.

Being this Mrs. Labbe was not relaxing or comfortable at all. They always thought that she was not well-educated enough, that her temper was not gentle enough, and that she was easily impulsive when things happened. They forced her to study every day and asked her to cultivate her moral character.

Her character was set and difficult to change.

If they let her act for a few days, she could still perform. If she played the role of a famous lady like this for a long time, she would go crazy.

The bodyguard said, “When you regain your identity as Miss Newman, you cannot use the bag or clothes you are wearing now. You can use the money your husband gave you as long as you can, so as not to let anyone know about it.”

Carrie was a little unhappy. After meeting the bodyguard’s cold eyes, she could only respond dully: “I understand.”

Even if she has money, she can’t spend it. The money was earned in exchange for her innocence. For the sake of future success, she should endure it for now.

It was better than going to jail.

Now her parents really listened to Trenton’s words and started to go through the procedures to transfer all the property in their names to Trenton’s.

She only asked Trenton to give her $10,000 a month for living expenses.

Trenton said he would only give her $5,000 a month.

Her parents asked him to give her $10,000 a month for living expenses. Trenton finally agreed and only gave her the remaining $5,000 two days ago. Trenton was used as a pawn by Camryn, and he trusted Camryn.

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