Married At First Sight Chapter 2958

Married At First Sight Chapter 2958-Serenity remembered: “Oh, yes, he is just a child. Jane’s adopted son Titus, whose surname is Labbe, is still a child. I remembered that last time Jane and her husband brought Titus over to play, Josh told Zachary that a powerful boss appeared in Wiltspoon, but he left quickly, and he didn’t find out where he was from or what his last name was.”

Thinking of Titus’s life experience, Serenity used her imagination to ask, “Auntie, do you think it’s possible that that person came to Wiltspoon to find someone to be his chess piece to lay out something in Wiltspoon?”

Mrs. Stone said, “That’s not right. He wants to make plans and do something. He shouldn’t be at Wiltspoon. He should go to Annenburg.”

If it were for Titus, it really shouldn’t be deployed in Wiltspoon.

Also, if the powerful boss who suddenly appeared last time was targeting Titus, he would have taken action long ago. Titus’s enemies didn’t even pay attention to the Johnson family.

They’re just afraid of the worldly experts behind Dr. Carden.

Mrs. Stone didn’t know Titus’s life experience; she couldn’t understand it, and she didn’t take it to heart, so she said to Serenity, “If you don’t understand it, forget about it. Do not think about it. It could be after a few meetings or just by chance.

If you still want to meet her next time, you might as well ask her for her contact information, keep a distance, slowly get to know her, and get to know her clearly. Regardless of whether she has a relationship with Carrie or not, after getting along for a long time, the flaws will always be revealed. But, Seren, you must pay attention to safety and protect yourself and the child in your belly.”

Serenity nodded and said, “Auntie, I can do it. Mrs. Labbe always brings a bodyguard with her, and I always go out with a bodyguard. I also have the ability to protect myself.”

“It’s best to let Camryn find the loopholes. She is most familiar with her and can find the loopholes most easily.”

Mrs. Stone said, “Camryn’s vision has not fully recovered yet.”

Sonny ran over at this time and threw herself into Mrs. Stone’s arms.

“Sonny, what’s wrong?” Mrs. Stone picked him up and asked with concern.

“Auntie, I want to eat.” Sonny touched his belly sheepishly.

Mrs. Stone smiled and said, “Dinner is not ready yet. How about Sonny eat some snacks to cushion his stomach?”

With that said, Mrs. Stone took a piece of snack to Sonny.

Sonny didn’t answer, and he said, “I played with toys and haven’t washed my hands yet. Auntie, I’m going to wash my hands.”

Mrs. Stone put him down and asked him to wash his hands.

After Sonny walked away, Mrs. Stone said to Serenity, “That person doesn’t affect your life, so don’t think so much about it.”

Serenity nodded, and she also took a piece of snack to eat.

After eating some snacks and other snacks, she said, “Elisa’s mouth is trustworthy. These things are so delicious.”

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