Married At First Sight Chapter 2959

Married At First Sight Chapter 2959-While talking, Serenity heard the voices of Elisa and Remy talking.

“Elisa is back.” Serenity said.

When Sonny heard that Elisa was back, he immediately ran out, holding the toy he was playing with.

Worried that Sonny would fall, Serenity quickly got up and followed him.

Mrs. Stone didn’t follow them. She just sat on the sofa, turning her head and looking at Serenity’s back with a smile.

Suddenly, she stopped smiling. Her smile disappeared because she thought of her mother, who died long ago. It would be great if her mother was there.

She wondered if her mother’s former assistant was still alive.

Her mother’s assistant was a very key figure. Looking for him, they all used their available contacts to look for him, but there was no news.

After all, many people had no impression of the old assistant. She still vaguely remembers it, and she didn’t know if the portrait she drew based on her memory was correct.

The Matriarch Farrell family had not given up looking for her old assistant for decades, but she had not found him yet.

Matriarch Farrell was even more impressed by the assistant.

Furthermore, if the assistant is still alive and very old, she wonders if he recalls what happened that year.

Mrs. Stone sighed in her heart, and soon her eyes were firm again, and she said silently in her heart, Mom, I will definitely avenge you, and I will take back what belongs to us! Mom, you have a spirit in heaven, and you must keep your granddaughter, Liberty, safe and sound in Jiangcheng, and I hope that she can regain everything that belongs to us.”

Whenever she thought of her mother, Mrs. Stone felt heavy.

Outside of the house, Elisa had already picked up Sonny, who was rushing towards her.

She hugged Sonny happily and spun around twice.

Sonny was so amused that he laughed and shouted, “I want to lift it high, lift it high.”

Elisa turned around and stuffed Sonny into Remy’s arms and said with a smile, “If you want to lift it high, let your uncle Johnson do it. I’m not that strong.”

Remy satisfied Sonny’s request to hold the title high.

Sonny laughed until his mouth was tired.

Remy still hugged Sonny and spun him around several times. Elisa laughed at the side and said, “Remy, please stop spinning around; Sonny will feel dizzy.”

Sonny laughed and said, “It’s fun. I don’t feel dizzy.”

Remy let Sonny go.

Serenity came over and said, “What brought you two back together again?”

Elisa was originally with the company.

Elisa responded, “Nothing happened; I just went to Remy Company to sit for a while, and then he followed me back. I really didn’t follow him back; he insisted on following me back.”

Remy smiled innocently and said, “I don’t trust you.”

“Why don’t you worry? My driving skills are very good. I’m an experienced driver.”

Serenity said, “Elisa, just have fun secretly; Remy loves you dearly.”

She stepped forward, took Elisa’s arm affectionately, and greeted Remy: “Come in.”

Remy naturally took Sonny’s little hand and followed them into the house.

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