Married At First Sight Chapter 2960

Married At First Sight Chapter 2960-“Sonny, didn’t you go to your Uncle Lewis’s place today?” Remy asked Sonny.

“Uncle Lewis is not free. Auntie went to pick me up and came over to see the baby. The baby was asleep, and I didn’t see him.” Sonny said.

Sonny was articulate and spoke clearly.

Remy felt that Sonny was just like Titus.

Titus was more than a year old and was unable to speak clearly when Jane, his sister-in-law, first picked him up. But when he became fluent in speaking, he became sharp-tongued and sometimes spoke in an old-fashioned manner. Although he was over three years old now, he behaved like a little adult. He was taller and smarter than other children of the same age.

Titus had a particularly good memory, which was the most surprising thing. And when he first met Sonny, Sonny was also a little one and couldn’t speak well. Now he was just like a little ghost.

He hoped that the children he and Elisa would have in the future would be as smart as Sonny and Titus.

Ben said, “The baby is still small now and sleeps more. When he gets older, he can play with Sonny.”

Sonny hummed, “My aunt said the same thing. Uncle Johnson, are you always busy? I see Uncle Johnson every time I come to my aunt’s place.”

In Sonny’s eyes, uncle Zack, uncle Josh, and uncle Duncan were all very busy.

Duncan had limited use of his legs and feet. He had to return to the company in a wheelchair, and he was just as busy as Liberty.

But Remy was not busy. If he was busy, he would not see Remy every time he came over.

Remy smiled and said, “I’m busy, but I was worried about Elisa coming back alone, so I put down my work and sent her back home.”

Sonny raised his little face and said innocently, “Uncle Johnson, you can arrange for a bodyguard uncle to follow my auntie like my uncle Zachary did. My aunt has a bodyguard uncle to follow her wherever she goes. My uncle Zachary said that this way, he can work with confidence. Also, my aunt is good at beating up bad guys. My aunt is very good, and I like her the most.”

Remy smiled. “Yes, yes, your aunt is very powerful, and your aunt Eliza can also beat up bad guys, but I still want to send her back and stay for dinner, by the way.”

Sonny said with a knowing expression, “Uncle Johnson, you’re here to eat; your parents are not here, and there is no one to cook for you, so you only eat shamelessly at my aunt’s house.”

Remy burst into laughter.

Sonny was so good at talking.

He also said he was shameless.

Well, he was really cheeky too.

In the past, Mrs. Stone didn’t agree with Remy and Elisa.

Every time Remy came over, Mrs. Stone would not want to see him with a sullen face, but he still stayed for dinner shamelessly.

Elisa and Serenity turned to look at Remy and Sonny, then went back to talking about their own business.

With Sonny chatting with Remy, Remy was not bored.

Remy said, “Sonny, you’re so smart. I just don’t have anyone to cook for me, so I sent your auntie back and stayed for dinner.”

Sonny asked again, “Uncle Johnson, don’t you know how to cook?”

In Sonny’s impression, except for Duncan’s mobility difficulties, he didn’t see him cooking, but Zachary and Josh both knew how to cook.

There were also other uncles, Zachary’s brothers, in Zachary’s family who could cook.

Remy replied: “I can cook.”

“Uncle Johnson, then why don’t you cook on your own?”

Remy replied, “Eating alone doesn’t taste good. Don’t Sonny think that when eating, food tastes good when there are many people? Eating by yourself, even the delicacies don’t taste good.”

Sonny thought about how he and Liberty usually ate and how they ate in kindergarten. Despite the fact that Liberty’s food was more delectable, he preferred to eat in the kindergarten because it was busy and full of kids.

Sonny nodded in understanding. “That seems to be the case.”

Remy said, “So, I’m too lazy to cook for myself and eat at your aunt’s house. I can also see Sonny. I really like you, Sonny.”

Sonny raised her head and puffed out her chest. “There are many people who like me!”

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