Married At First Sight Chapter 2961

Married At First Sight Chapter 2961-Remy laughed. “Yes, yes, there are many people who like Sonny. Sonny, remember to leave a place for me to like you.”

Sonny nodded generously and said, “Uncle Johnson, I will leave a place for you.”

Everyone laughed.

Just as he entered the house, Zachary called, and Serenity answered.

The couple just talked about common things, and Zachary knew that Serenity had gone to the business.

In the past, he would come over if he knew Serenity was at the store. He was busy tonight and told Serenity that he would not accompany her to dinner.

Serenity said considerately, “I will eat at my aunt’s place. After dinner and chatting, I will go back when it gets dark. You go to discuss business, don’t drink so much, and keep warm. The weather forecast says it will cool down again.”

This time the temperature dropped and it rained. When it rained in winter, everybody would feel even colder.

Zachary said, “I don’t drink. I don’t blow cold wind outside. No matter how cold it is, it won’t affect me.”

Zachary spent every day in a heated office. Even when he went out to do business, he always stayed at the Wiltspoon Hotel, and his room was heated.

No matter how low the temperature dropped, it would have no effect on the battle against the CEO.

“Seren, you run outside every day, so you need to wear more clothes, and you need to help Sonny wear two more clothes. I’m going to socialize in the evening, and Duncan will go too.”

This was what Duncan was busy with.

Serenity hummed: “I understand; I’m not a three-year-old child. If Sonny gets cold, he will tell me what to do, and he will also find clothes to wear himself.”

She helped Sonny put on warm clothes.

Serenity added: “If Brother Duncan goes too, please take care of him.”

Zachary said, “You don’t need to tell me this; I will take care of him. Then you eat first, and I will pick up Duncan after I’m busy.”

Serenity warned Zachary a few words again and ended the call. When she moved the phone away from her ear, she realized that Sonny was sitting next to her and had been watching her talk on the phone.

Seeing her move the phone away from her ear, Sonny said, “Auntie, you don’t let me talk to my uncle either.”

Serenity was stunned for a moment, then touched Sonny’s head and said warmly, “Your uncle is very busy. He will probably not be able to go home until very late tonight.”

Sonny said, Oh.

“It’s time to eat.” Mrs. Stone shouted.

Serenity put the phone back into her trouser pocket, stood up, and held Sonny’s hand again.

Mrs. Stone: “Sonny, is it cold?”

Sonny: “Not cold.”

Sonny asked Serenity, “Auntie, are you cold?”

Serenity smiled. “I’m not cold either.”

“I don’t know if my mother is cold. Auntie, Uncle Lewis, and I will go visit my mother on Friday. Can you help me get some thick clothes from my mother? I will bring them to my mother so that she will not be afraid of the cold. I’m not tall enough to get it.”

Sonny asked Serenity for help. Because he was too short, even if he moved a small bench to cushion him, he couldn’t reach his mother’s clothes.


Serenity wanted to say that Liberty was not short of clothes.

Jensburg was colder than Wiltspoon, and sometimes it snowed in Jensburg.

Before Liberty went out, she had even brought thick clothes with her.

Thinking that this was Sonny’s filial piety, she did not say it out loud.

Serenity and Sonny had dinner at the Stone Family and played for a while. When the baby woke up, the aunt and nephew saw the baby again and went home at eight o’clock in the evening.

When they returned home, they saw the house was brightly lit, and even the rooms on the second floor had lights on.

Before Serenity got out of the car, she said to Sonny, “Who is here? Why are the lights on the second floor?”

It’s normal for the lights to be on on the first floor.

The butler usually waited in the house for the couple to return.

Their room was on the second floor, and neither the butler nor the servants would go upstairs without permission.

That’s why Serenity felt strange when she saw the lights on the second floor.

Sonny said, “Maybe the great-grandma is back.”

Serenity smiled and said, “I hope you guessed it right. Grandma is so old, but she still stays away from home every day, like a child.”

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