Married At First Sight Chapter 2962

Married At First Sight Chapter 2962-What Serenity said was absolutely right. Grandma May was just an old naughty child.

The car drove to the door of the main house and stopped.

Serenity wanted to help Sonny carry the small schoolbag, but Sonny had to carry it himself.

He said, “The teacher said that you should do what you can do yourself. Also, my mom and aunt taught me this too.”

Serenity smiled and said, “Yes, yes, this is what I taught you. I have forgotten. Yes, do what you can do by yourself.”

There were too many people in Sonny who pampered him.

Both sisters were afraid that Sonny would be spoiled, so Serenity and Liberty took matters into their own hands when it came to discipline.

Teach Sonny the correct outlook on life to prevent Sonny from being spoiled.

Sonny carried his small schoolbag, and when the car door opened, he got out of the car first, then turned around and stretched out his little hand to help Serenity.

Serenity reached out and held Sonny’s hand, making him think that he was helping her get out of the car.

Serenity: “Sonny is awesome!”

Sonny: “My uncle said that he and I are both men, and we must protect and take good care of my aunt and mother in the future.”

Serenity smiled and said, “Sonny, you like a little grown-up.”

Serenity’s heart felt warm. It’s true that she loved Sonny as if she were her own child.

Zachary also impressed her. Even if he doted on her, he would teach Sonny to take care of her.

Sonny knew how to be considered at such a young age, and he would definitely be a warm man when he grew up.

They didn’t know which family’s daughter would be lucky in the future.

“The eldest young lady is back.”

Sam came out of the house to welcome Serenity.

“Sam, is grandma back?” Serenity asked.

Sam replied, “It’s madam; the old lady hasn’t come back yet.”

Sam stepped forward and hugged Sonny.

Serenity let go of her hand and let Sam hold Sonny.

“Uncle Sam.” Sonny called Sam sweetly.

Sam responded with a smile, followed Serenity into the house with Sonny in his arms, and said in a low voice as he walked, “Madam seemed to have something on her mind. She came over in the evening, but she didn’t eat anything. She sat in the hall and watched TV for a long time. I’m going upstairs now. I don’t know what happened to Madam.”

Hearing this, Serenity asked with concern, “What’s wrong with my mom? Did she have a quarrel with my dad?”

Serenity didn’t believe it when her parents-in-law quarreled.

Men from the York family were famous for doting on their wives. Regardless of whether the couple had been together for more than thirty years, their relationship was as good as first love.

Serenity had been married into the York family for a year or two and had never seen her father-in-law speak loudly to her mother-in-law.

Zachary was not as gentle to her as her father-in-law was to her mother-in-law.

Serenity said, “Sam, Sonny, and I have had dinner at my aunt’s house. You play with Sonny for a while while I go upstairs to take a look.”

Sam hummed. He held Sonny and watched TV.

Serenity went upstairs alone.

The young couple’s home had a room reserved for their parents-in-law.

She came to the door of her mother-in-law’s room, raised her hand, and knocked on the door. While knocking on the door, she said, “Mom, I am Serenity; can I come in?”

“coming.” Tania responded and quickly came over to open the door.

Serenity: “mom.”

Tania asked Serenity with a smile on her face, “Seren, when are you back? Where is Sonny?”

“Sonny is watching TV on the first floor, and Sam is accompanying him.”

Serenity looked at her mother-in-law, and she didn’t look like she was quarreling with her father-in-law.

“Mom, I heard Sam say that you seem to be in a bad mood.” Serenity said as she walked into her mother-in-law’s room.

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