Married At First Sight Chapter 2964

Married At First Sight Chapter 2964-ow that Tatum wants to be a chef and show off his cooking skills, Serenity thinks it’s okay.

The Sixth Young Master, Tatum, was an adult. What he wanted to do must be carefully considered. The York family had never acted impulsively.

Tania didn’t want Tatum to be a chef, maybe because she felt that being a chef would make her embarrassed.

No matter how she put it, Tatum was the sixth young master of the York family.

“Mom, where does Tatum want to work?” Serenity asked curiously after persuading her mother-in-law.

Which restaurant or hotel attracted her brother-in-law, Tatum, to go to work?

Tania said: “He doesn’t go to work in a big hotel; he goes to work as a home cook for others, and he has to go out to the market, not in our Wiltspoon Hotel.”

Serenity’s beautiful eyes twinkled as she asked Tania, “Mom, could it be that the person grandma picked for Tatum was in need of a cook, so Tatum took the opportunity to get close to her? Who did grandma pick for Tatum? Mom, do you know?”

Tania was stunned for a moment and said, “I really don’t know about this. I only know that she has chosen people for Evan and Elian, and she thought that she would not consider Tatum and River first.”

Tatum had just been brought into social interaction. He would definitely not choose a wife for him too quickly.

However, Tatum had been in the business world for a few years, and he just kept a low profile because he was Zachary’s biological brother. As long as others know that he is Zachary’s biological brother, they will look down upon him. If he makes achievements, others will also look down upon him. They would think that he was relying on his brother’s blessing.

Therefore, Tatum did not want to bear the halo of Zachary, so he kept a very low profile. When discussing business with others, he would not say that he was Zachary’s biological brother and even said that he had nothing to do with the York Corporation.

His own business indeed had nothing to do with the York Corporation, not even business dealings.

He had Zachary, his elder brother. As the middle child, he was also under a lot of pressure. It was easy for others to compare him with Zachary.

“When grandma comes back, I’ll check what grandma has to say.”

Serenity had the best relationship with Grandma May.

She was where she was today thanks to Grandma May’s efforts in bringing her and Zachary together.

Grandma May loved Zachary the most. She also loved Serenity, the eldest granddaughter-in-law, the most.

When she was choosing wives for her other grandchildren, she paid special attention to character. She was afraid that the other granddaughter-in-law would not have good character, would not get along with her, and would dislike her for coming from a rural background.

It would make her suffer.

Grandma May really loved Serenity.

Serenity was willing to tell Grandma May if she had any concerns.

“Where is your grandma?”

From the moment Grandma May started arranging Zachary’s marriage, Tania completely let go of his sons’ life events.

Let Grandma worry about it if she wanted to cause trouble. So she wouldn’t just sit around at home and stare at her daughters-in-law when she was bored; she made plans to do something.

They were afraid that Grandma May’s claws would fall on their heads.

It was better for the elderly to torment their grandchildren than to torment them.

Anyway, Grandma May loved her grandson the most, and no matter how hard she went, she would not hurt her grandson. The most important thing was that all those br*ts were loyal to Grandma May and listened to her words the most.

Because Tania could safely leave her son’s life matters to Grandma May to worry about, she really didn’t know whether Grandma May had chosen a wife for Tatum.

Tania said, “Grandma is going to meet an old friend. She is away from home all day.”

Serenity’s words contained tolerance and pampering for Grandma May. She smiled and said, “Grandma will come back if she misses us, or if Zachary and I have a conflict, she will come back immediately like a gust of wind.”

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