Married At First Sight Chapter 2966

Married At First Sight Chapter 2966-In the future, Tania could also slowly train Serenity, teach Serenity little by little about the inner affairs of the York family, and then hand it over to Serenity so that she, the head wife, could retire.

Serenity was also willing to learn and study seriously.

Serenity was also motivated and ambitious, so she was quite suitable for Zachary. Zachary was also an ambitious man.

Of course, the most important thing was that Tania felt that Zachary was already in Serenity’s hands, and she could only accept Serenity for her son’s happiness.

As long as the son is happy, it doesn’t matter where the daughter-in-law is born.

Besides, now that they know that Serenity was originally a descendant of the Farrell family in Jensburg, it’s not bad.

When the Farrell family was at its peak, it was considered a match for the York family.

Serenity’s aunt, Audrey, was also the wife of a businessman. Her sister, Liberty, also works hard to become stronger and can be Serenity’s backer.

Tania appreciated the attitude of her daughter-in-law, Serenity and Liberty, towards life.

As for what others in the upper class said in private, Tania had looked away, as long as those people didn’t say it in front of her and didn’t let her hear it.

When she heard this, she would definitely vent her anger on her daughter-in-law’s behalf.

And everyone knew that Tania was a mother-in-law who protected her daughter-in-law.

“Seren, your second aunt, Rosella, will take Camryn to the banquet in two days, and I will go with her that night. Do you want to come with me?”

After Tania finished speaking, she immediately said, “Forget it; you can take good care of your baby at home. Even if the banquet is not crowded, I’m still worried that some people are not good-looking, and if they bump into your belly, you and your baby will be hurt.”

She would regret it for the rest of her life.

Serenity smiled and said, “I’m not worried about that, but Zachary won’t let me go. He’s very nervous. Mom, I think that on the day I give birth to my baby, Zachary may be so nervous and scared that he faints.”

Tania said, “Probably not, but when I gave birth to my child, his father was so nervous that he fainted, whether it was the first or second child.”

“When I gave birth to Zachary, his father insisted on accompanying him during the delivery and went into the delivery room with him. He fainted due to his anxiety, and the nurses and doctors had to carry him out. I was in terrible pain at the time. Seeing that he fainted from fright, even I felt hurt, but I wanted to laugh at that time.”

Tania still couldn’t help but laugh when she mentioned what happened back then.

That scene made her scared and laugh at the same time. Suddenly she saw Liam closing his eyes and falling softly, which frightened her.

Later, she found out that he was overly nervous and was frightened by the scene of a woman giving birth, which was why he fainted. She was amused.

After giving birth to Zachary, Liam felt sorry for her and said he didn’t want a second child because he already had a son as his successor.

It was Tania who wanted a daughter and was determined to continue having children.

Who would have known that the couple did not have a daughter, but they were both responsible for the birth, which was so shocking?

Tania said, “Zachary may inherit this from his father. Anyway, when you give birth to the baby, don’t agree to Zachary accompanying you during the birth; otherwise, you will be distracted from worrying about him.”

Serenity smiled and said, “There is such a thing. I see that Zachary is very nervous now. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and find him staring at my belly. He felt a little uncomfortable, and he looked like the sky was falling.”

“On the day when the baby is born, we can’t let him follow him into the delivery room. He might actually faint in there.”

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