My Rich Wife – Chapter 2632

Chapter 2632: Saint Kingdom’s Power

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When the green light illuminated Cang Zhi’s body, a look of confusion flashed in his eyes.

Then, the corners of his mouth curled up into a cold smile as he crazily accepted the power.

“Just as I expected, the order of this Saint Kingdom has begun to show loopholes. It’s not like before.”

At this moment, the iron chains binding his hands were broken, and he let out a crazy laugh.

“Who says we are destined to be ruled by others? There should also be the voices of the natives in this Saint Kingdom. Hahaha.”

His arrogant laughter spread throughout the reborn Nine Tune City. His figure appeared at the city gate.

Just like that, he left the city gate of Nine Tune City and entered the depths of the fog.

Li Liefei stared in shock at the people leaving the city. His thinking was slightly higher than those soldiers.

He didn’t understand how the City Lord, who should be in the bunker, could come to the city gate and leave Nine Tune City.

In his memory, the City Lord had been punished by the Saint Kingdom and entered this bunker. He should never be able to come out.

Li Liefei could not understand why such a change would occur.

There were only six outsiders left, including Qin Yu, Shen Qian, Li Yue, and the owner of the Transmission Snail.

One of the remaining two was also an auxiliary attacker, while the other was someone who had never appeared on the battlefield.

The six of them all enjoyed the huge baptism of Saint Power, except for Qin Yu, who had already fainted.

Everyone else felt the huge benefits. A monk slowly walked out of the city gate.

“Sure enough, the human race has great cosmic luck. After being baptized by the Saint Power, my luck seems to have become even more powerful. This kind of power between existence and non -existence is the most powerful.”

A bald monk appeared. He patted his round belly with a satisfied expression.

If Qin Yu saw his body, he would discover this person’s identity immediately. This was Monk Hua Tian from purgatory. This guy had once fought Qin Yu head-on.

Even when Qin Yu was heavily injured, he almost killed Qin Yu with the Fist of the Great Expansion Divine Technique.

However, after the last attack, the monk seemed to have disappeared and never appeared beside Qin Yu. Qin Yu even thought that Monk Hua Tian was dead.

He had been waiting for an opportunity in purgatory. He had even wanted to force Qin Yu, who had powerful cosmic luck, to attack.

However, he keenly sensed that Qin Yu’s cosmic luck was at its peak, so he suppressed the desire in his heart and forced himself to wait.

When the battle broke out in the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect, he had come to a place to lay low.

In the end, he was lucky enough to obtain a divine flame rune there, allowing him to obtain the greatest opportunity in the past few days of the Path of Heaven, allowing him to successfully come to the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom.

A surge of power surged out from his body. It was the power of the Heart of Saint Kingdom.

This power surrounded him and slowly combined with the Saint Power given by the world.

A huge fist shadow suddenly stretched out from the void dozens of meters in front of him.

He punched a huge rock forcefully. With a dull sound, a crack appeared on the rock!

The Fist of the Great Expansion Divine Technique!

Hua Tian’s face revealed an extremely ecstatic expression.

Other than Ju Wuwei and Ming Xie, who could use this kind of force with their strength, the others all relied on external objects for power.

At this moment, Hua Tian was able to use the power of rules to throw this punch. This already represented that he had truly come into contact with the power of rules in this Saint Kingdom. This kind of power was already ahead of all the outsiders.

“Although this power doesn’t belong to this Saint Kingdom, it’s enough to secure a place for me here!”

Hua Tian patted his belly and smiled in satisfaction.

He looked into the sky and chuckled to himself:

“I can already see your cosmic luck dwindling. This Saint Kingdom will eventually fall under my control.”

A surge of dao power emanated from the mist. It was the pure power of a Saint Kingdom.

Previously, Dao Mystical Saint Chen Shuang had used this power to tear a hole in the barrier between the two worlds.

That power rose majestically into the sky, transforming into a terrifying divine lightning bolt that shot straight into the heavens.

In an instant, the entire Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom was shrouded in a dazzling layer of lightning.

That power surged like a thunderous dragon, originating from the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom, leaving deep marks in the world of saints wherever it passed.

Then, that power crashed into Saint Zi Yang’s kingdom. In an instant, Saint Zi Yang’s kingdom seemed to be invigorated, emitting a brilliant light.

For a moment, this event caught the attention of all the Saints.

The Saints of the human race, including Shadowless Divine Hand Jue Chen, Buddhist Saint Ding Guang, Revered Qi, Shenxiao Luoli, Kunlun’s Su Xinghe, and martial arts cultivators Lin Nantian, all opened their eyes almost simultaneously, gazing at the kingdom that had turned into a Path of Demon.

“Who could it be? Within such a short time, reaching the True Consciousness realm and harnessing the power of the Dao Mystical Kingdom with the Heart of the Saint Kingdom.”

Shenxiao Luoli’s expression was particularly grim. Although it was only the power of a single Heart of the Saint Kingdom, if this continued, the strength of the Zi Yang Saint Kingdom would continue to grow.

“I fear that if this continues, even if the human race becomes the Lord of the

Dao Mystical Kingdom in the end, what remains will be the incomplete Kingdom of Saint.’

Su Xinghe said with a wry smile.

Eighty-one hearts of Saints could harness eighty-one portions of power from the corresponding Saint Kingdoms.

Once the owner’s strength reached the True Consciousness realm within the Dao Mystical Kingdom, they could directly tap into this power and infuse it into other Saint Kingdoms.

This was also why the other Saints were so eager. This meant that as long as someone could obtain the Heart of the Saint Kingdom, they could indirectly enhance the strength of their kingdom.

As a result, almost all the Saint-level experts carefully selected the most elite individuals to enter the Dao Mystical Kingdom.

Furthermore, they would use their methods to ensure that after obtaining the Heart of the Saint Kingdom, they could restrain their inner desires and channel this power into their Saint Kingdom without reservation.

“Zi Yang is truly cunning. I wonder how he managed to deploy so many pawns.” Revered Qi murmured. He had also done his research, but Zi Yang had still managed to take the lead.

And as time passed, perhaps this gap would only widen further.

The three great demon race Saints, including the Immortal Crane, the Emerald Serpent Witch, and the Fairy Queen Galadriel, were also gathered together, witnessing this rare turn of events.

However, compared to the solemn atmosphere among the six human Saints, their mood was noticeably more relaxed..

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