My Rich Wife – Chapter 2633

Chapter 2633: Fog Dispels

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“This Saint Zi Yang is extraordinary. He transitioned from being a human Saint to a demonic one. Now, he’s become the first to harness the power of the Chen Shuang Saint Kingdom. His kingdom’s power is already capable of firmly suppressing the two of us.”

The Fairy Queen’s face flashed with a hint of concern. Being the first to harness the power of the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom was a significant achievement, and even she, as an experienced demon race Saint, did not dare to underestimate it.

“As long as I kill that little brat, I couldn’t care less about anything else!”

The Emerald Serpent Witch’s face twisted with malice. Her offspring had perished within the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom.

Regardless, she was determined to use all her might to slay that individual. Otherwise, she would never find peace.

“Heh, it’s merely the power of a single Heart of the Saint Kingdom. There’s no need to fret.”

The Immortal Crane chuckled lightly, seeming completely indifferent to the unfolding events.

The remaining three were the Great Saints of the ghost race, Ksitigarbha, Netherworld Ghost King, and Mount Mang Ghost King Cao Li.

Cao Li had never made an appearance before. If not for this monumental turn of events, he might have remained in seclusion within the Saint Kingdom.

The Mount Mang Ghost King was none other than the renowned Cao Cao from the Three Kingdoms era. Cao Cao had slaughtered millions and was a feared tyrant. Even in death, he refused to submit, becoming a fearsome Ghost Saint.

Due to the intense malevolence of Mount Mang Ghost King and the numerous powerful entities under his command, coupled with Mount Mang being an extremely Yin-infested area, neither the human race nor the Netherworld dared to easily send forces to eradicate him, fearing his retaliatory wrath.

“Do you think the masked woman will succeed? This time, the ghost realm has deployed nearly all its divine flame runes to settle past debts.” Netherworld Ghost King furrowed his brow as he inquired.

“If she fails, then no one else stands a chance.”

Ksitigarbha took a sip of tea, smiling as he glanced towards Yan Tianfeng’s Saint Kingdom.

Yan Tianfeng’s demise wasn’t a simple matter of a physical sneak attack. Nearly all the outsider’s nine great Saints had covertly infiltrated their original bodies, sacrificing almost all of their essence to eliminate Yan Tianfeng.

Then, the masked woman became the first to enter Yan Tianfeng’s Saint Kingdom. However, there was an agreement between the factions.

If the masked woman couldn’t swiftly gain control of Yan Tianfeng’s Saint Kingdom, another race would be sent in.

If she succeeded, the ghost race would gain another Great Saint, significantly altering the future landscape.

Within Yan Tianfeng’s Saint Kingdom, the masked woman slowly approached its core.

At that moment, fragments on her body continuously glowed, and numerous Heart of the Saint Kingdoms appeared on her back.

One obscure power of order after another traversed around her. She slowly shook her head and retracted the Heart of the Saint Kingdom.

“It’s time. I’ve already sensed the final location of the Heart of the Saint Kingdom…”

After leaving Nine Tune City, Qin Yu fell unconscious in the Misty Forest. A small lamb stopped beside Qin Yu and curiously licked his cheek with its tongue.

After a long while, Qin Yu slowly opened his eyes. It took him some time to recollect the events that had transpired.

At this moment, the world before him underwent a tremendous change, and the entire Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom became even clearer to him. He had absorbed Ming Xie’s Saint Power and received the baptism of victory from the human race.

Now, his soul and body were nearly three times stronger than before.

As he lifted the Sun Chasing Bow, he found that his physical strength allowed him to draw eighty percent of its string effortlessly, a feat he could only achieve with utmost effort before.

“Ming Xie is truly formidable. With the power of the battle Heart of Saint Kingdom, he must have slain countless creatures in the mist to accumulate such terrifying Saint Power.”

Qin Yu couldn’t help but feel a lingering fear.

However, surviving and advancing further filled him with immense joy. If he were to face that terrifying living being of monster race again, he wasn’t sure if he could emerge victorious.

Having strengthened his body and soul, Qin Yu sensed a change within himself, a breakthrough of sorts.

Using the power of the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze, he could already vaguely see some blurry trajectories of rules, and he could also sense the Heavenly Path Sea that he had long never comprehended before.

Yet, this was just the beginning. Despite exerting all his strength, he couldn’t stir even the slightest hint of power.

In this moment of comprehension, Qin Yu suddenly realized something.

The Heavenly Path Sea, the mortal realm, and the Saint Kingdom existed on different levels.

In the mortal realm, even utilizing the power of the Heavenly Path Sea to its fullest extent yielded only superficial abilities.

Conversely, in the Saint Kingdom, the power directly accessed was the essence of the Heavenly Path Sea. Harnessing this power required an exceedingly potent spiritual force.

This explained why Qin Yu felt as though he had reverted to an ordinary person upon entering the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom, the overwhelming power was simply too much to wield. Even with his current spiritual strength, he couldn’t activate the purest essence of the Heavenly Path Sea.

“Nevertheless, the gains from this venture are astonishing.”

Qin Yu shook his head. Although the Heart of Saint Kingdom from the Prelude’s Prognostication was supposed to end up in Shen Qian’s hands, this outcome was already considered quite favorable for him.


However, contemplating Shen Qian’s final display of murderous intent, Qin Yu couldn’t help but sigh.

He wondered what trials the Saint Kingdom would present next.

As he stared at the writhing fog, a sense of foreboding gripped his heart.

From the village to Nine Tune City, the difficulty had increased manifold. What further tests would the Saint Kingdom devise for outsiders?

At this moment, the fog in front of Qin Yu finally formed a passage. However, this time, the passage had only a limited range.

It wasn’t like before, where it was a straight path leading him to Nine Tune City.

“Could it be that this time the range is exceptionally large, encompassing a vast area where we might be involved?”

Qin Yu furrowed his brow slightly, then began to walk slowly towards the indicated range.

With his current strength, he wasn’t concerned about encountering a formidable presence he couldn’t handle for the time being.


A scorpion the size of a human arm emerged from the fog, adorned with vibrant patterns and venomous spines.

As it caught sight of Qin Yu, its thick tail lifted and swayed in his direction, seemingly searching for a weakness.

“You’re asking for death. Even a mere beast dares to provoke me.”

Qin Yu’s voice dripped with cold amusement..

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