Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 453 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 453

osh figured something big must have happened because Zachary spoke with gritted teeth and sounded infuriated.

“The Browns took Sonny, and when we found Sonny, he was being abused by Hank’s nephew. Sonny is now in the hospital. His face is swollen, and his facial soft tissues are damaged. He was also in shock.”

Josh cursed. “What the f*ck! How could scumbags like the Browns still exist? They‘re a disgrace to all mankind!

“How‘s Sonny?” Josh asked with concern.

“His physical wounds will heal in a few days, but his mental trauma will take a long time to


“Have you taught that demon who abused Sonny a lesson? Do you need me to bring some people over and beat him up? He‘s simply inhuman to be so cruel to such a small kid.”

Zachary was silent for a while and said, “He’s a ten–year–old boy. We called the police, but at his age, he‘ll just be reprimanded. His parents will be ordered to discipline him and compensate us, but he won‘t go to jail.

“But his father beat him up until his face was swollen.”

Letting George hit Matthew was merely a father teaching his son a lesson and had nothing to do with them.

“F*ck! Even a ten–year–old could be so cruel?! He‘ll certainly end up in prison in the future.

“Zachary, don‘t worry. I‘ll handle this. I‘ll get my people to act now and make sure they end up with nothing!”

Zachary said apologetically, “I hope this doesn‘t affect your mood for your blind date.”

“Ms. Sox is Serenity‘s best friend. If I make a bad impression this time, I‘ll get more opportunities to meet her again. If we‘re fated to be together, then so be it. But if we‘re not, it‘ll be useless even if you bind us together.”

Although Josh looked forward to the blind date with Jasmine, he was quite open–minded.

He would let nature take its course.

“The police officers are here, so I’ll head back to the ward.”

“Okay. Let me know if you need me. You know me, I‘m a knight in shining armor who will wipe out all injustice in this world!” Zachary was in a bad mood at the moment, but when he heard Josh‘s self–proclamation, he

could not help but laugh. “Isn‘t it because you have a strong appetite for gossip?”

Josh replied, “Well… That‘s true too.”

“Go on with your blind date.”

Zachary hung up the phone.

Josh was not in a hurry to enter the cafe and called his cousin, Julian Bucham, for help.

They first had to find out the Brownis‘ jobs and sources of income before they could cut them off. That way, the Browns would lose everything.

Suppressing Waltham Electronics was York Corporation‘s internal strategy, so Josh did not tell his cousin about it.

Julian Bucham had long been accustomed to Josh asking him for help from time to time. That was one way Julian could pry into Zachary‘s private affairs. It was quite a good trade–off since only a few knew of Zachary York‘s private affairs.

After asking Julian for help, Josh informed his subordinates to start suppressing Waltham Electronics

Josh entered the cafe with the rose in his mouth once he finished making arrangements.

Jasmine arrived earlier than Josh and was sitting at a table by the window. Thus, she saw Josh on the phone just now.

This also meant she saw him biting the rose while riding his bike.

Jasmine thought, ‘Is he a dog? Why is he holding things with his mouth?‘

When Josh came in, Jasmine stood up and waved to him.

Josh saw Jasmine beckoning to him and thought, ‘Damn it! I‘m actually late!” He hurriedly walked over with the rose.


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