Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 456 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 456

Liberty said, “How could Matthew be a good kid if he has a mother like Chelsea?”

Serenity said coldly, “Liberty, we‘ve reported this to the police. Although we can‘t make Matthew go to jail, we can ask Chelsea and her husband to compensate us. No matter who tries to intercede or apologize, don‘t accept it and insist on getting the compensation.”

Liberty said fiercely, “How else can we make them pay in addition to the compensation? He beat up my son! Seren, did you break his hands when you saw him?”

“Callum and the rest forced George to teach his son a lesson. George beat Matthew to a pulp and slapped him with a belt. Callum said that Matthew was covered in wounds and looked quite wretched after the beating

“They also trashed the Reptons‘ house.”

Liberty said furiously, “I really want to kill that monster.”

Serenity thought the same.

However, they had to be rational. They did not touch Matthew but only let George teach Matthew a lesson as a father.

After going through so much, Serenity understood Zachary‘s way of doing things.

No matter how angry he was, Zachary would not break the law. After thinking about it, Serenity thought that Zachary‘s way of dealing with things was completely reasonable. At least, he would not risk himself just to get his revenge.

This time, they were truly indebted to Zachary and the York brothers.

Serenity thought she could spend the rest of her life with a man like Zachary.

She would have a good talk with Zachary once Liberty‘s affairs were settled.

They needed to talk about their future.



Hank brought his parents to the hospital.

They asked the doctors and nurses to find out which ward Sonny was in.

With one glance from Zachary, his brothers formed a human wall. They blocked the door and prevented Hank‘s family from entering the ward.

“Zachary, get out of the way! I want to see my son! Sonny is my son!”

Hank wanted to fight for his son‘s custody but never thought that his son would get hurt.

Sonny was his biological son, so how could he lay his hands on Sonny?

Emma told Chelsea over the phone that Sonny and Lucas got into a fight. Sonny hit Lucas first, so Matthew hit Sonny back.

However, Matthew hit Sonny a little too hard.

Chelsea said that Matthew did not know how to control his strength. After all, he was only ten years old.

Knowing that Sonny was beaten and admitted to the hospital, Hank was mad at his brother–in –law for not taking good care of Sonny. Hank was heartbroken and rushed over with his


However, Zachary blocked their way and prevented them from entering the ward to see Sonny.

“Sonny… Get out of my way! I want to see my grandson! My poor grandson…”

Mrs. Brown wailed as she tried to push the York brothers away. Her wails made it seem like she was devastated, but there were no tears in her eyes.

The person who hit Sonny was the grandson she had raised. Mrs. Brown could not decide whether she should side with Matthew or Sonny, so she thought she should see how badly Sonny was injured first.

Zachary said coldly, “Sonny is your biological son. If you really feel sorry for your son, you shouldn‘t have done what you did today. Don‘t you know your family‘s character by now?

“You let them take Sonny away. Have you ever thought about how much Sonny would suffer with them?

“Although you‘re going through a divorce, you can sit down with Liberty and talk about it. If you can‘t come to an agreement, just file a lawsuit. Using Sonny as a bargaining chip was a dirty move!”

Hank came to realize how wrong he was. If Sonny were to have a mishap…

“Zachary, let me go in and see Sonny first, okay? This matter is between Liberty and I, so we‘ll handle it ourselves. I just want to see Sonny now. Is he okay?”

Zachary said again in his icy voice, “Sonny‘s emotionally unstable, so you can‘t go in and see him.”

Liberty’s angry voice was heard. “Zachary, let him in. I want him to take a good look at how the family he supports treats his own son.”


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