Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 457 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 457

Zachary was silent and let his brothers make way for Hank.

Hank immediately took his parents into the ward.

Liberty hugged Sonny, removed the ice pack, and let Hank take a look at Sonny‘s face. Sonny‘s face was still red and swollen even after having applied ice for some time now.

A child‘s skin was tender, so it would not heal so soon after being beaten, especially when Matthew pounded him so cruelly.

Seeing his son‘s swollen small face and fearful eyes that used to be clear and bright, Hank was so distressed that he cursed Matthew. Hank had rarely spent time with his son, but he was heartbroken at the sight of this.

“How could Matthew do this?! I really wasted my time raising him.”

Mrs. Brown wanted to touch Sonny‘s face, but Sonny was so frightened that he immediately turned around and buried his head in his mother‘s arms. He clutched his mother‘s shirt tightly with both hands and screamed in fear. “Mommy! Mommy!”

Liberty slapped away her mother–in–law‘s hand and said coldly, “Sonny is afraid of you, so don‘t touch him.”

“Matthew, that brat! I‘ll go back and teach him a lesson! I didn‘t raise him all these years to beat up my grandson!”

Mr. Brown felt sorry for this grandson of his and was furious.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown helped their daughter to care for her three children for so many years.

Their daughter persuaded them to stay with her since they refused to move to the city with their son and that she lived closer to them.

Chelsea made it seem like she was accompanying them. In fact, she just wanted her parents to take care of her children.

Chelsea‘s in–laws did not help babysit because they made it clear that the children were Chelsea and her husband‘s responsibility.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown took care of their three grandchildren with all their hearts. They

contributed their effort and even money from the living expenses that Hank gave them.

As a result, the grandson they raised abused their paternal grandson.

Mr. Brown suddenly felt that Matthew was an ingrate.

After comforting Sonny, Liberty asked her in–laws, “Are you all satisfied now that Sonny is like this? You haven‘t helped to take care of Sonny since he was born. When you took him away, you didn‘t even bother to take care of him. Do you think he‘s a kitten or a puppy? Even a

pet would have to be taken care of to survive.”

Mr. and Mrs. Brown were afraid to speak.

It took a while before Hank said, “This… This is an accident. None of us wanted such a thing to happen. My niece said that Sonny hit Lucas first. That‘s why Matthew hit him back.”

Liberty suddenly got up and kicked Hank. She cursed at him. “Do you believe what she said? Sonny never hits anyone. Lucas must‘ve hit Sonny first, and Sonny fought back. Then Lucas pretended to cry and asked Matthew to help him fight Sonny.”

Liberty knew the characters of Chelsea’s three children.

This was also why she firmly rejected Hank‘s request to help Chelsea take care of her children.

When Lucas came to her house, he bullied Sonny and stole Sonny‘s toys. Thus, if Lucas was in his own home, he would be more unruly and bully Sonny even more.

Hank was kicked by Liberty, but he did not dare fight back because Liberty had backup standing right outside.

He knew that Zachary had many brothers because they shared a meal once.

At that time, Hank and Kevin were chatting happily. Hank did not expect to see Zachary‘s brothers again on such an occasion,

“Sonny… Will you come to Daddy?” Hank stopped defending his nephew and wanted to hug his son.


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