Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 459 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 459

Hank said, “Chelsea, you‘re…”

Before Hank could finish, his father, who was sitting in the passenger seat, reached out and snatched Hank‘s phone.

“Hank, focus on driving.”

Mr. Brown instructed his son in a deep voice before he said to his daughter over the phone,” How dare you ask Serenity for compensation?!”



Chelsea heard her father‘s voice and shouted aggrievedly, “Dad, George was forced to beat up Matthew.”

“Your son made a mistake. So what if his father beat him up? I hit you too when you were young and disobedient.”

Chelsea said, “Dad, are you alright? Why does it sound like you‘re siding with Liberty and her sister? I‘m your daughter!

“Even if Matthew made a mistake, he‘s still a child. How bad of a mistake can he make? He didn‘t kill or rob anyone. He just hit Sonny a few times. Matthew said that Lucas was crying because Sonny beat him. He was standing up for his younger brother and kicked Sonny a few times. How could Sonny end up in the hospital? I think they‘re just making a fuss.”

Chelsea would never admit to the police that she had seen the footage of her living room. The surveillance footage showed that Sonny was repeatedly beaten up by her eldest son. If she added the number of times Sonny was hit on both sides of his face, it was definitely more than ten times, which was a bit too much.

The police officers saw Matthew‘s red and swollen face along with the belt marks on his body.

However, they pretended not to notice and did not say a word about it.

Instead, they kept saying that her son was ruthless and that he could do such a cruel thing to a two–year–old child. They said that if Serenity had not arrived in time, Sonny would have been beaten to death by her son.

Chelsea thought, ‘Matthew is just a child and doesn‘t know that he can kill someone by beating them. That‘s why he didn‘t control his strength. Isn‘t that normal for a kid?‘

In short, Chelsea felt that as long as Sonny was still alive, her son did nothing wrong, even if the footage showed that Lucas went to hit Sonny first.

Lucas cried and said that Sonny hit him only because Sonny fought back.

Of course, Chelsea was protective of her own children. She would twist the facts to make it seem like her children did nothing wrong. What did it have to do with her if someone else’s

child lived or died? That was Chelsea‘s mentality.

The police officers reprimanded Matthew and ordered Chelsea and George to bring Matthew to apologize. If Liberty asked for compensation, they would also have to compensate her.

When Chelsea was at the police station, she was rendered speechless but was unreconciled.

After leaving the police station, Chelsea scolded her husband for being useless. He should have deleted the surveillance footage at home so there was no evidence. When the police saw the footage, they turned out to be the ones at fault even though they suffered a big loss.

Their house was trashed, but the police officers did not care.

“Sonny never provoked Lucas. Lucas was the one who liked to provoke Sonny. Whenever Lucas was at your brother‘s house, Lucas would steal Sonny‘s toys and food.”

Chelsea pouted and said, “Lucas is the youngest in my family, so it‘s inevitable that he‘s a little spoiled and domineering.

“Dad, what does this have to do with me asking Serenity for compensation? Her in–laws trashed my house. I made a rough estimate of the damages, which cost around tens of thousands of dollars.”

Mr. Brown said coldly, “They did a good job! If I were there, I wouldn‘t just trash your house. I‘ll also beat Matthew up! Your mother and I have taken such good care of him since he was born, but he wanted to kill my grandson!”


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