Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 460 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 460

Mr. Brown added, “So what if they trashed your house? I want to thank Serenity for venting anger on my behalf as well. Chelsea, if you dare ask Serenity for compensation, your mother and I will cut all ties with you. Also, I‘ve kept a tab of all the expenses your mother and I have spent on your family, so you have to pay me back!

“Since your younger brother had a job, he gave us monthly living expenses that we spent on your household. But look what he got in return! His son was sent to the hospital because of your son!

“Don‘t accuse Serenity for making a fuss. I‘ve asked around myself. Sonny was sent to the emergency room and was treated for a long time. The doctors were cursing the abuser for being ruthless, and I saw how badly Sonny was injured!

“We just came out of the hospital. We‘re going back to your house to pack our things. Your mom and I will stay in our own home from now on and will no longer babysit your children. Ask your in–laws to babysit them. If not, you can take care of them yourself since they‘re your responsibility, not ours.

“We gave birth to you, so it‘s our obligation to raise you and educate you, but we‘re not obligated to raise our grandchildren.”

Chelsea said, “Dad, did you get brainwashed by Serenity? Why are you standing on her side?

“You‘re moving back with mom? You two will be all alone, so I‘ll be worried. George already beat up Matthew. Dad, you raised him, so why don‘t you feel sorry for him?”

Mr. Brown said coldly, “He deserves to be beaten! He was beaten by his father, so as his grandfather, I can‘t intervene. Matthew is my grandson, but Sonny is my only paternal grandson. How can he compare with Sonny?

“Matthew is a Repton, and Sonny is a Brown. Sonny takes after my last name! 1 don‘t care about the past, but this time, I can‘t let it go when I see Sonny being beaten like this.”

Mr. Brown would not hit Matthew since he raised the boy, but he did not want to go on like this anymore.

Even if his son and daughter–in–law wanted a divorce, it was their personal affairs. It would not affect his position as Sonny‘s grandfather.

How could he remain indifferent when he saw his grandson being beaten up until he had to be admitted to the hospital?

Chelsea said, “Dad, I won‘t ask Serenity for compensation anymore, okay? You and mom shouldn‘t move out. What will I do without you two? I still have to go to work.”

Mr. Brown did not speak and hung up the phone.

He was exasperated.

“Dad, are you and mom really moving back to your own place?”

“Do you still want me and your mom to take care of your nephew who beat up your son? No matter how nice we are to them, they‘re Reptons. Chelsea‘s in–laws don‘t need to worry about

anything and live in comfort while your mom and I raise their grandchildren.

“I didn‘t even raise my paternal grandson because of them. Should I praise Matthew for bullying and hitting Sonny?”

Hank was speechless.

“Don‘t think that I‘m siding with Liberty and Serenity. I‘m not. I‘m just standing on Sonny‘s side. Sonny is only two years and five months old. He‘ll fall if he walks a little faster. Even a slap is unbearable to a kid like that, let alone what Matthew did. Although Matthew is only ten years old, he‘s tall and strong like a fifteen–year–old.

“Matthew slapped Sonny in the face repeatedly, so how can Sonny bear it? We should be glad that Serenity brought her in–laws to stop Matthew‘s atrocities. Otherwise… Sonny might be beaten to death, and the Reptons might just deny the allegations and say that Sonny fell to his death.” Hank did not dare speak anymore.


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