Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 462 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 462

Zachary gently let go of Serenity, bowed his head, and looked at her.

Serenity gulped.

Every time she looked at him, she could not overlook his attractiveness and always wanted to take advantage of him.

If he had always been so gentle, she would have jumped him in less than a week.

If she was more courageous, she could even try different moves every day.

When Serenity was thinking about various ways to sleep with Zachary, Zachary’s deep voice resounded in her ears. He asked, “When did we sign an agreement?”

Serenity was speechless.

She looked dumbfounded as she was in disbelief that Zachary would say such a thing.

“Back when we got our marriage license, you drafted the agreement and asked me to sign it. The contract period was half a year.”

Zachary looked calm and said blankly, “Why don’t you recite the content of the agreement for


Serenity opened her mouth but could not say a word.

After so long, she could not remember much about the contents of the agreement. She only remembered that the contract period was half a year and that they should not interfere with each other’s private affairs.

“Serenity, you might’ve been too caught up in your sister’s affairs recently that you’re having hallucinations. We didn’t actually sign an agreement. If you really think we did, I can let you search my room when you’re home. If you can find the so–called agreement that you

mentioned, then I’ll believe you.”

Serenity gaped and froze in place.

They clearly signed an agreement.

Was he in denial?

Zachary lowered his head, kissed her lips, and said solemnly, “Don’t think too much about it. I’ll take my brothers out to dinner. Mrs. Lane can stay and help you girls.”

Serenity was still dumbfounded. Zachary, who had always been arrogant and cold, actually denied and refused to admit that they had signed an agreement. This shocked Serenity.

After hearing what he said, she could only nod dumbly.

Seeing her stunned face, Zachary smiled and let go of her hand. “I’ll get going then.”

“Oh, okay. Treat your brothers to a nice dinner, and I’ll transfer the money to you.”

“No need. I have money. We don’t need to split everything so clearly between us.”

Serenity took out her phone and wanted to transfer money to Zachary, but he had already returned to the living room. She stopped looking at her phone and watched as he ushered his brothers out for dinner. Zachary also did not forget to instruct Mrs. Lane to cook for the Hunt sisters.

Zachary knew that at this moment, the Hunt sisters were definitely not in the mood to go out for dinner with them.

However, he was also afraid that they were too upset to eat, so he left Mrs. Lane there to cook for them and make sure that they eat.

“I’m exhausted from going around with you guys all day. Zack, I’m going for dinner with you boys before I go home.”

Grandma May chose to leave with her grandchildren.

She said to her granddaughter–in–law, who came in from the balcony, “Seren, call us if you need anything. Don’t worry. Even if the sky is falling, these boys are tall enough to hold the sky up for you girls.”

Grandma May’s words warmed the Hunt sisters‘ hearts.

“I will, Nana.”


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