Married at First Sight Chapter 2225 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2225 by desirenovel“What are you talking about!” Hank reprimanded his sister.

Chelsea pouted.

Mr. Brown had no choice but to warn his daughter: “Chelsea, don’t do stupid things anymore, if you dare to cause damage, I will spare you!”

His daughter was a btch who couldn’t change eating sht, and he was grateful to Serenity for rescuing Lucas at the zoo. His greedy nature was revealed again, and he was worried that his daughter would run away and cause damage.

Chelsea quickly said: “Dad, how dare I destroy it? It’s not that I’m too dead. What is Liberty’s status now? If I dare to destroy it, my store will be smashed. I’m not full. There is nothing to do.

I’m just jealous. We have a little credit for Liberty’s achievements today. If it weren’t for us, she wouldn’t have worked hard to create the career she is today.”

Chelsea’s shamelessness went up to a higher level.

When she said this, her parents and younger brother felt that she was shameless and put money on her face.

Chelsea: “Hank, hurry up and divorce that poisonous woman, and then marry Liberty…”

“You shut up!” Mr. Brown yelled at his daughter, “Don’t get involved in your brother’s affairs. Your mother and I are still alive, and the Brown family can’t let you decide.”

Chelsea: “Dad, I didn’t say anything. It’s all for Hank’s good. Liberty and Mr. Lewis are so close. Sooner or later, Sonny’s surname will be changed to Lewis. Dad, don’t cry when you don’t have a grandson.”

Chelsea retold the old tune because she wanted to take advantage of Liberty through her younger brother’s remarriage with Liberty.

Mr. Brown: “Whatever Sonny’s last surname, he will always refer to me as grandpa, and your brother will always be his father. The surname change cannot break the blood connection.”

Hank said coldly: “I’m not going to divorce Jessica. Her parents approached me and requested a letter of forgiveness. I wrote it in hopes of obtaining a lighter sentence for her. No matter how many years she is sentenced to, so long as she completes her sentence If the death penalty does not exist, I will wait for her to be released.

Stop imagining my remarriage with Liberty, sister; it’s impossible! Even if Duncan did not pursue her, she could not marry me again. In the beginning…I inflicted too much pain on her, yet she remains grateful and brings Sonny to visit me.”

Divorce depended on character.

There was nothing to say about Liberty’s character.

After the divorce, Liberty never spoke ill of him in front of Sonny.

Hank was aware of what he had sacrificed and deeply regretted his decision until his death.

Seeing Duncan pursuing Liberty, he was also upset, and wanted his son to stop Liberty from being with Duncan, but he knew in his heart that it was impossible for him and Liberty to remarry.

“Okay, sis, I know. I won’t mention this matter in the future. Liberty’s new restaurant will open tomorrow. Aren’t parents going to congratulate it?”

Mrs. Brown: “We won’t go. Liberty doesn’t welcome us when we go. Sonny is going to kindergarten again, and we are not at home. We don’t know other people well, so there is no embarrassment. Besides, we have to take care of Hank.”

Mrs. Brown also wanted to leave.

As long as her son was alive, She didn’t want to do anything else.

“Chelsea, just ask the florist to deliver flower baskets there, don’t stay there to be annoying, give Liberty a red envelope, and wish her a prosperous business.”

Mrs. Brown urged her daughter again.

Chelsea pouted again, muttering something softly.

She didn’t come to the hospital for a few days, and her parents and younger brother wanted to leave.

Just watch Liberty get rich like this, and then marry into a wealthy family?

The younger brother refused to listen to the persuasion, and Chelsea said that it would be useless no matter how much she said, she didn’t stay in the hospital for long, so she quickly found an excuse and left.


Wildridge Manor.

In the small Manor of the second bedroom, Rosella personally poured Lilian a cup of warm water.


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