Married at First Sight Chapter 2226 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2226 by desirenovelRosella: “Dr. Carden, please drink water.”

Lilian took the cup of warm water, “Thank you, Mrs. York.”

Rosella: “Dr. Carden, I’m the one to thank you. Dr. Carden, you were invited by my son not long after you were confinement. I felt embarrassed and gave Callum a hard time.”

Lilian drank half a glass of water, she was also a little thirsty.

“It’s okay, I’m getting moldy from confinement, I wanted to go out a long time ago, but my family refused, insisting that I stay at home to rest and take care of myself. I’m a medical student. I know better than him how to help myself recover my body after giving birth. Second Young Master York is kind to his fiancée, with deep affection. In order to heal his fiancee’s eyes, despite my family’s dislike, he repeatedly invited me. I was also moved by Second Young Master York’s deep affection, and I was willing to run for Miss Newman. I hope I can cure Miss Newman’s eyes so that she can have a good look at what her fiancé looks like.”

Camryn was engaged to Callum, but she didn’t even know what Callum looked like.

Lilian also felt very pitiful.

For the sake of the business relationship between the two families, she was willing to give Callum this face and heal Camryn’s eyes.

“Thank you, Dr. Carden!”

Rosella was very grateful.

She also hoped that her daughter-in-law’s eyes would be cured.

Although she assertively defended her prospective daughter-in-law outside, she was a parent who did not love their children.

Her oldest son was so outstanding, and her daughter-in-law was not bad, but she couldn’t see her eyes, which was a shame. She still loved her son in her heart, and she was very happy that her daughter-in-law had the opportunity to heal her eyes.

“Mrs. York, the old Mrs. York and the oldest mistress are back.” The servant came in and told Rosella.

Soon, Grandma May and Serenity came in.

“Old Mrs. York.”

Seeing Grandma May come in, Lilian put down the water glass, stood up, and greeted with a smile.

“Dr. Carden, please sit down.”

Grandma May stepped forward and pulled Lilian to sit down.

After Serenity and Lilian greeted each other, Serenity walked to her mother-in-law and sat down.

The room was full of elders, and Serenity didn’t see Camryn and Callum, so she asked her mother-in-law, “Mom, where are Camryn and Callum?”

Tania: “Callum went to pick up Camryn. When Dr. Carden came, Camryn just went to the company and was not in Wiltspoon. Callum rushed to her company to pick her up, saying that he was on his way back and would be back soon..”

After Tania answered, she asked Serenity again with concern: “Are you still vomiting hard?”

Serenity: “I would vomit badly when I woke up in the morning, and it got better after meals. As long as I don’t eat sour and sweet things, I don’t vomit much.”

Tania asked Lilian: “Dr. Carden, our Seren has severe morning sickness, is there any way to make her less suffering from morning sickness?”

Lilian smiled and said: “Aunty, when I was pregnant, I would occasionally have morning sickness, and it was very severe. My master can’t help me to suffer from morning sickness. As long as it is not so serious, I can endure it.”

Tania took Serenity’s hand, “Seren, thank you for your hard work.”

Serenity: “Mom, I’m fine. I can control my mouth. In fact, it’s not that great. You guys are too nervous about me.”

Lilian smiled: “Surrounded by love, I am very happy.”

Serenity also laughed, “Yes, I am surrounded by love every day.”

She was very happy.


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