Married At First Sight Chapter 2885

Married At First Sight Chapter 2885-There were times when Trenton regretted it! Carrie was obviously his half-sister. But he believed in Camryn.

Serenity really didn’t expect that the young woman who just came to her bookstore to buy information was Carrie wearing a lifelike human mask.

She wasn’t actually familiar with Carrie. When she saw Carrie’s face change, she felt that the other person’s figure looked familiar, but she couldn’t remember who it was. There was no Carrie in her circle of friends at all.

Hearing the familiar, steady footsteps, Serenity walked out of the bookstore.


Serenity walked toward Zachary with a smile.

Zachary, with gentle eyebrows, strode up to her, hugged her first, and said softly, “Wife, I miss you.”

Then he kissed her on the forehead before letting go of her.

Serenity whispered, “Everyone is watching. We meet every day; what’s there to think about?”

A bodyguard following Zachary was carrying two bags, which contained two packed lunches.

He handed the two bags to his colleagues at the door of the bookstore.

Zachary came here especially to pick up Serenity for lunch. The bookstore was not closed, so naturally, these two colleagues stayed in the bookstore to help her look after the door.

So he sent them lunch and let them eat it in the bookstore.

Zachary took Serenity’s hand and walked to his car, asking her as he walked, “Are you tired?”

Serenity said, “I’m not tired; I’m not that pretentious and fragile.”

She was someone who had endured hardship.

Zachary smiled fondly. “Yes, yes, my wife is strong, very powerful.”

Serenity said, “Your words are too perfunctory.”

Zachary helped her get into the car first. After she sat down, he followed her into the car. After closing the door, he pulled her over and nibbled on her red lips. “Then I’ll kiss you as punishment.”

Serenity pushed him away gently and whispered to him, “Don’t let others laugh. Let me tell you something. Ten minutes before you came, a young and beautiful lady came to my store to help her brother-in-law buy information books, and then asked me if there were any drawings for kindergarten and middle school children.”

Zachary looked at her.

What news was this?

It was not even gossip.

However, she was happy to share it with him, and he listened.

Serenity added: “Her sister-in-law just went to kindergarten.”

Zachary hummed, “It’s normal now. There are many brothers and sisters who are more than ten or twenty years apart.”

Serenity said, “The main thing is that when she came in, I always felt that she looked familiar. Her figure was familiar, but I had no impression of her appearance. I was sure that I had never seen her face before, and the familiarity was real. Is there anyone in your circle who is far from your younger siblings?”

Zachary asked, “Are you trying to find out who she is?”

Zachary finally heard the key point of his beloved wife’s words.

Serenity hummed, “Because she looks familiar to me, and I want to know who she is.”

Zachary said, “There is a banquet next week; do you want to attend? If you want, I will take you to the banquet, and you can pay attention. If you don’t see her, then she and her husband’s family have not entered the circle yet.”

The circle in Zachary’s mouth referred to the upper-class society in Wiltspoon.

Serenity touched her belly, and she said with a smile, “As long as you are willing to take me there, of course I want to attend.”

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